Deep, Thought Provoking Questions On Warrior Mentality

Deep, thought provoking questions on warrior mentality shine a bright light on one of the most ancient psychological archetypes known to humanity - the warrior. The perfect antidote to victim mentality, the attitude of the warrior embodies a powerful spirit that empowers us on the path of self improvement and personal growth.

The Warrior Within

Following below are some thought provoking questions about warrior mentality, or the warrior within...

What is a warrior mentality and how can it help me lead a better life?

Is a warrior mentality a negative or positive thing to have or even cultivate?

Does adopting a warrior mentality mean that I need to become aggressive and hurt others? How can a warrior mentality be a positive force in my life?

Why do so many wisdom traditions have such a deep respect and appreciation for the spirit of the warrior?

How does a warrior mentality and victim mentality relate to one another?

Is self sovereignty an important aspect of a warrior mentality?

Does cultivating a warrior mentality mean attacking weaknesses? Or does it mean understanding weaknesses and working to surmount them?

Is a victim mentality even an option for someone working on cultivating a warrior mentality?

Is there such a thing as a mentality that is 'in-between' being a 'warrior' and being a 'victim'? Or are these 'total' mentalities - one being completely incompatible with the other?

What is the true strength of adopting a warrior mentality in dealing with oneself and one's own inner conflicts and doubts?

What are the costs of indulging victim thinking?

Do I have any negative connotations associated with the word 'warrior', that could stand in the way of cultivating a wholly beneficial warrior mentality?

Do I have any negative connotations associated with 'being strong'? How about 'strong thinking'?

Can cultivating strong thinking be a wholly positive thing? How would this look like?

How would you look, act and relate to things differently with strong thinking in place?

How can your strong thinking be of great benefit to others?

Stepping Out-of-the-Mind

Stepping out-of-the-mind is impossible without calling upon, and strengthening, the warrior within.

The warrior within wants to engage with life - it wants to live vitally, without holding back. It refuses to allow negativity of any kind to control its destiny. When we are well connected with our inner-warrior we feel the same way. This is the warrior mentality at it's best.

The inner victim, on the other hand, is perpetually concerned with protecting itself from life. It's basic stance is a passive one, always feeling encrouched upon by life and outer circumtance. If our inner victim had it's way we would just curl up in a ball and wait for this life to be over.

The focus of the victim is suffering. The focus of the warrior is vitality. Stepping out-of-the-mind we embrace the warrior and move towards vitality. The victim within stays behind.

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