The Power of Intention -
Directing Life Change from Within

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The power of intention - a life changing force par excellence. Although invisible to the naked eye, this power has a profound impact on life all around and inside us. How well do you understand this power of yours? How is the power of intent currently shaping your life? Is your intention muscle strong, or perhaps in need of some good old fashion exercise? Welcome to the internal world of conscious intent, where so much inspired life change begins.

Confused Guy at a CrossroadsThe Power of Intent

What Is Intention Power?

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."

~Michael Jordan

The word 'intention', or 'intent', comes from the Latin word 'intentus', which means 'a stretching out' (source: the online etymology dictionary). The power of intent is what allows us to stretch beyond previous limits. Intent is what allows us to take that step right out of the mind.

Intent is what enables us to rise above - and go beyond - the thought, urge or impulses of the moment. It's what grants us a measure of freedom to direct our lives despite opposing and/or oppressive forces operating on us and within us. Without the power of intention it would be impossible to see beyond the urgency of the moment to live a proactive vs. reactive life. 

Taking one step after another out of the confines of the reactive mind; the benefits of being proactive and the warrior within is what we find.

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The Warrior Within - Independent and Free

Marcus Aurelius, in "The Meditations", talks about the 'directing mind'. The 'directing mind' is that part of you that's independent and free of external influences. It's your warrior within who empowers you to exercise free will. The 'directing mind' is the power of intention within.

The warrior within would have you know that you're free to change or improve your life. All of the rationalizations, reasons or excuses in the world can't change that. The power of intention operates freely and is always at your disposal.

No-one can live for you. You make your own choices and pave your own way. Outer circumstances and influences do not determine your life unless you let them. Thanks to your warrior within the freedom to set your own course is always within grasp.

Saying You Want Something Isn't An Intention

Saying you want something is different than the intent to have it. You may say you want to stop smoking or go to the gym 3 times a week; you may say you want to meditate daily; you may express a desire to save more money or take that trip you've always been dreaming of.

But are these intentions? No, they're not. At least not yet.

Wanting something is nothing more than a thought in the mind. And the annoying thing with thoughts is ... they come and they go. Wanting something in this way therefore waxes and wanes with the tides of thought.

An intention, on the other hand is stable ... rock solid ... concrete. It doesn't waver with changing thoughts. A true intention must be cast beyond the boundaries of the mind - where thoughts can't touch it. It's an anchor that tethers you beyond - grounding you to a place where the waves of the ocean have no sway.

That's the power of intention.

Getting Your Life Changing Act Together!

Mind habits have their power too, which can't be denied. The power of intent is best exercised daily to prevent inertia and unhelpful mind habits from stealing the show.

Besides strengthening the purity of your intent, why not work with the powers of the subconscious mind, instead of setting out to battle against them? Teach yourself to skillfully enlist the subconscious mind to propel you towards the life changes you want; instead of dragging all of that unnecessary resistance behind you.

We all know what a drag that can be!

What's Your Story?

Thoughts and words are creative. 

Your thoughts about the past; your hopes and dreams for the future. The things you want and the things you don't want. Who you think you are or who you think you should be, or could be, one day. What you can or can no longer do. These thoughts and more make up the story of your life.

The story of YOU.

What story have you been telling? Has it been a good one so far? Is it a story full of challenge and adventure? Does it tell of tall triumphs and/or of equally low defeats? Is the hero of the story growing stronger or weaker, wiser or more confused, as their path unfolds? Is there even a hero left in the story to tell or has a wretched soul surreptitiously taken its place?

Whatever your story - good or bad, ugly or sad - the important question is this: Do you recognize it as a story? Or has it somehow been mistaken as the real thing? What if the story of your life - the story you tell yourself or others - isn't actually a description of what happened to you? What if it's actually a prescription of what's going to happen to you? 

What if your story was a better predictor of your future than it is a describer of your past? What then? How would your story change? How would your telling of it change?

Stories are designed to convey and instill important ideas, messages - even morals and values. They have the power to lend dignity and respect and they have the power to take those very things away. If you don't appreciate the current story line and commentary that's running in your mind, change it. By all means tell a different story. 

And while you're at it, why not tell a story more attuned with who you really are.

Exercise the Power of Intention With Smart Goals

What are smart goals and how do they help you exercise intent to lead a more proactive life? One of the main benefits of smart goals is that they can help you lead a SMART life. As you set and accomplish one goal after another ... as you use your goals to consistently step out of the mind - your power of intention will grow. You'll become better and better at reaching your goals. If you need additional push to reach your goals try hypnosis!

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