The Power of Intention -
Directing Life from Within

The power of intention is a subtle, yet almighty force, that is all our own. Understanding and harnessing the power of intent allows us to direct our lives from the inside-out. With intention we can transform negativity and direct the creative powers of the subconscious mind. Through conscious intent we can co-create our lives with the powers that be. We can live a proactive life.

What Is Intention Power?

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."

~Michael Jordan

The word 'intention', or 'intent', comes from the Latin word 'intentus', which means 'a stretching out' (source: the online etymology dictionary). Intention power, is the power we have to reach out from within and stretch. It is the power we have to extend our influence.

Thus, living with intent means to live a life that stretches, extends or expands. Instead of sitting around waiting for life to happen to us, we go out and meet it. We extend ourselves and exert our influence, living a proactive vs. reactive life.

The Warrior Within

Marcus Aurelius, in "The Meditations", talks about the 'directing mind'. The 'directing mind' is that part of us which is independent and free of outer influence. It is the master or warrior within that empowers us to make choices out of our own free will. The 'directing mind' is the power of intention within.

If we want to change the way we experience things, if we want to improve our lives, we can. The power of conscious intent is always at our disposal. The warrior within is always there for us, waiting for us to call upon it... waiting for us to live it.

The warrior within is the power of pure intent that we have to direct and shape our lives. No-one can live our lives for us. We must make our own choices and pave our way. Outer circumstances and influences must not determine life for us. The warrior within uses circumstance as stepping stones for the path. A warrior mind is grateful for everything that comes its way.

Desire vs. Intention

There is a difference between wanting something and actually intending for it to happen. It is often what sets the difference between wishful thinking and purposeful action.

Wanting doesn't cost us anything. Intending something to happen, on the other hand, requires a commitment to do what it takes to bring about the intended results. Wanting something doesn't equal a commitment to getting it.

Creating Willfully

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

~George Bernard Shaw

Placing attention on what we want, and using our imagination to create mental images of it, is to employ the two main creative powers of the subconscious mind. These innate powers shape and influence the way we experience ourselves and our lives.

When we pay attention to particular thoughts on a regular basis, when we hold particular images repeatedly in the mind, they become an habitual experience. Through conscious use of the power of intention we can control and have influence over the habits we create. Conscious intent empowers us to choose. It empowers us to create differently in our lives.

To shape our experience and to consciously improve our lives we need to bring consciousness to bear on the creative powers of the mind. Left unchecked, the powers of the subconscious mind create for us - for better or for worse. Bringing this power into consciousness gives us control over the creative process. It gives us the tools and know-how to become the authors of our lives.

The Creative Power of Thoughts & Words

Thoughts and words are daily conveyors of the power of intention. We think about the past and about the future. We think about what we want and what we don't want. We think about who we are and who we may one day become. When we express these thoughts verbally, they tell the 'story' of our lives.

Every time we tell 'our story' - whether to ourselves or shared with others - it gets reinforced. This is why we need to consciously care for the thoughts and words we entertain and use. They should align with what we want in life. Thoughts and words are an important stepping stone on a life changing pathway.

Channel Your Proactive Intent

One way to use thoughts and words to better our life is through the conscious discipline of setting smart goals. Establishing smart goals helps focus our energy and channel our intentions towards specific results. Setting smart goals helps us harness the powers of the mind and create as we will. They can be regarded as channels of intent for our personal power to flow through.

Another channel of intent we can use to better our lives is the cultivation of gratitude as an antidote to victim mentality. As we become more intimate with the benefits of gratitude we realize how powerful it is as a directing force in a proactive life. It is another amazing vehicle with which to exercise the power of intention.

Accountability to Fortify Your Will

Keeping a goal setting journal can help you keep track of your goals and be a reminder of your intentions. As you monitor your progress, dealing with the various obstacles that are bound to come up, you learn to make necessary adjustments. This contributes to ongoing self-development and personal growth.

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