SMART Goal Setting Benefits


The goal setting benefits of a smart life extend beyond achievements. When we mobilize - when we set ourselves clear and motivating goals to pursue - many other positive changes come our way. The benefits of goal setting invite us to lead a S.M.A.R.T life.

SMART Goal Setting Benefits

You don't need to set a life-changing goal to get life-changing results from goal setting. Setting smart goals can change your life in many small, yet significant, ways. One day you realize that you're leading a SMART life...

S.M.A.R.T life is a life that is... 

  • Stretching

  • Meaningful

  • Action-Oriented

  • Rewarding

  • True

You may already be leading such a life. After all, the benefits of a SMART life aren't exclusively the domain of goal setting. Yet, by setting and achieving goals you'll invite more of these qualities into your life. SMART goal setting benefits are sure to follow...

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When is the last time you've had a good long stretch (physically and/or psychologically speaking)? Feels great doesn't it?! It might not always feel the best while we're actually doing it. Some pain or discomfort is likely to be present. Yet we always feel amazing afterwards.

Body and mind love to expand!

Regular stretching maintains and improves the elasticity and flexibility of the body. We can come to expect more from our body when we keep it supple and fit.

The same is true of the mind. If we don't stretch the mind on a regular basis, we shouldn't expect it to respond to changing circumstance with the flexibility we want and so often need.

Setting smart goals invites both body and mind to get the stretching they need. Having a goal to strive for creates 'positive stress' in our lives - also known as eustress. Whereby negative stress depletes and erodes your energy, eustress enhances it. The positive stress invited by choosing your challenges is extremely life-affirming.

A SMART goal setting benefit indeed!


SMART goal setting benefits also bring more meaning to life. The process of smart goal setting encourages you to get crystal clear about your priorities and what's important to you in life.

At times you may find yourself struggling to maintain motivation to complete a particular goal. You are at a crossroads: 'How important is it really to me to achieve this goal?' 

The answer might surprise you.

Life changes and priorities often change with it. We become more experienced. We evolve. What we wanted yesterday, might no longer be at the top of our list today.

And that's OK.

This is how goal setting teaches us about ourselves. What is truly meaningful to us? We don't always know until we truly put it to the test.

Committing to goals will test you. 'Am I willing to pay the price that achieving this goal exacts?' Smart goal setting benefits help you consolidate and conserve your energy by eliminating striving that is no longer important to you.

Save your energy for what truly matters now in your life. 


Smart goal setting reminds us that thinking and dreaming aren't enough. We must follow up with action to achieve fulfillment. Turning towards action, we put theory to the test. And whatever the outcome, we emerge the wiser for it. We become richer in life experience and recognize that as the truest form of knowledge.

It's like one of my favorite martial arts teachers used to say, "You want to be careful that the study of martial arts doesn't become like polishing a beautiful trophy that is kept safely on the shelf." Only through action does 'what we know' begin to matter. This is one of the great goal setting benefits of a SMART life.


While I do believe in effort, I also know that effort doesn't automatically lead to reward. What leads to reward - and to a rewarding life - is smart effort. Effort should be exerted carefully - consciously. Like other precious things in life, it shouldn't be wasted.

A SMART life is a focused life - where energy isn't being laid to waste. With goals as our guide our finite energies get channeled to good use.


Setting smart goals requires that we take time to think about what we truly want and why. Pursuing our goals, we are forced to dig deep to find our true motivations. We know that this is what will pull us through when the going gets tough.

It may happen in the process that we come to realize that what we thought we wanted, isn't or is no longer, what we want at all. We acknowledge mere fantasies and passing whims, identified by the lack of real motivation to achieve them. This releases us to our real work - to what we really want to do.

In this way one of the goal setting benefits of leading a smart life is finding out where we truly stand.

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