Life Change Inside-Out
Ways Beyond Fear and Self-Doubt


There are two kinds of life change to be had - one linear, the other spiral. Following a straight line - life unfolds as a succession of 'before' and 'after' - your sight fixed mainly ahead or behind. Changing your life here is two dimensional and therefore limited in scope.

Entering an evolutionary spiral is different. Not only do you look ahead and behind but you look up (to aspire) and down or within (to be inspired). You enter a full-on 3D experience of life.

Through aspiration and inspiration - by looking beyond and within - we find the antidote to fears and self-doubt encountered as we walk our linear path. Your evolutionary pathways unfold.

Life Inspires - The Mind Conspires

"Progress never moves in a straight line. It's a spiral pathway, now going, now returning, holding on and letting go, winning and losing, giving and receiving."

~Dennis Augustine

Life wants us to grow, to expand, to take things to the next level, to evolve. And it has wired us accordingly. We're built for growth, expansion and evolution. Yet, growth means exchanging the old for the new and we often find ourselves reluctant or unwilling to let go.

We procrastinate. We excuse. We postpone. We rationalize. We deny. We bargain. We 'explain away'. We resist. And things go on as they always were - no life change in sight. As Walt Kelly once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

New inspiration is needed, yet where is it to be found? The warrior within is what you find the very moment you step out of the mind.

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Will and Skill

To change your life requires will and skill.

First and foremost, we need to want to change. We need to be ready for change - ready to do what it takes, because deep down inside we're fed-up and tired with living in the same old ways.

Once we're willing, we also need to be able. And often we find that we aren't necessarily born this the abilities required. We need to acquire and/or sharpen our skills. We need to improve ourselves and stretch our capacities. We need to grow to bring about the life changes we want.

Inspired life change may feel exhilarating when we're in its upswing; but at the beginning of change we WILL be tested. The warrior within is there to help us meet the challenges of change. Acquiring mastery of heart and mind is an inevitable part of the process.

My personal experience on this journey has been challenging, yet ever so meaningful this far. Which should come as no surprise really seeing how closely challenge and meaning so often interlock hands. Shy away from its challenges - and life immediately starts losing vitality - and loss of meaning follows close behind. Show up to meet it, however, and the warrior within is inspired to life.

The journey to master mind, heart and soul awaits on the road to your deepest desires. Nothing left to do but step out and begin...

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