Thought Provoking Questions
for Breakthrough Change


I love deep, thought provoking questions for their power to pierce through the thickest barriers of mind. While answers may satisfy and appease the mind, questions provoke it.

"The power to question is the basis of all human progress."

~Indira Gandhi

Questions taunt us to explore virgin territory. They lure us beyond the confines of our current thinking. They open us up to expanding worlds of thought and action.

If you're not careful, questions can change your life!

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Deep, Thought Provoking Questions for Breakthrough Change

Click on the titles below for the thought provoking questions that pique your interest. Be alert as you read through them. Some of these questions might just change your life...

Thoughtful Questions on Warrior Mentality

The warrior mentality is one of the most valuable assets to call upon when on the path of personal growth, self improvement and motivation. It is the perfect antithesis (and antidote) to victim thinking. The warrior attitude pulls us forward and onward, while the victim within tries to hold back.

Thoughtful Questions on Positive Attitude

Cultivating a positive attitude is all about increasing positives and reducing negatives. If we eliminate negativity - positivity fills us. If we focus intently on the positive it will expand and attract more of the same leaving less and less room for negativity to take root.

Thoughtful Questions on Self-Awareness

Awareness is a mystery that dispels all mysteries. It allows us to see ourselves for who we are. It gives us a chance to accept ourselves. It also gives us the opportunity to grow consciously. Self awareness is central to personal growth, self improvement and motivation.

Thoughtful Questions on Victim Mentality

All of us are susceptible to victim thinking from time to time. Yet, we must be vigilant and never indulge this mindset. Being awake and aware to when victim thinking takes us over, we can start weeding this destructive attitude from our lives.

Thoughtful Questions on Reactive Thinking

Reactive thinking is the cause of untold trouble in our lives. Thinking proactively, and taking proactive action, are the antidotes. The key is to cultivate freedom around reactive thinking. When our thinking is given space we become less reactive. To give ourselves space we need to step out-of-the-mind.

Thoughtful Questions on Self-Improvement

What is personal growth, self improvement and motivation really all about? Why would anyone choose such a challenging path? What drives our desire to grow, to expand, to evolve? Perhaps when it comes to a deep and mysterious topic such as human potential there are more questions than answers. Yet, asking the questions is sometimes enough.

Thoughtful Questions on Character Strength

We all have inborn dispositions and inclinations. Yet, our character is never determined at birth. We have a whole lifetime to spend on this planet - plenty of time to shape a character we can be proud of. Overcoming ourselves...stepping one of the biggest character builders of all.

Thoughtful Questions on Breaking Habits

Breaking habits is an essential habit for those of us who are serious about personal growth, self improvement and motivation. Habits are repositories of personal power waiting to be tapped. We need to learn how to work with our habits if we want to channel our energies in optimal ways.

Thoughtful Questions on True Inner Self

The true inner self is a fascinating self improvement and motivation topic. It is always there for us - unbiased, untainted and unaltered - yet we often doubt it even exists. It is what makes all authenticity possible but this doesn't stop us from calling it false.

We do have both true and false selves. Truth and falsehood constantly interchange with one another. Recognizing both, and using both beneficially, is the task at hand. 

Thoughtful Questions on Yoda Wisdom

Yoda wisdom and Zen wisdom are inseparable. The Jedi Master from the famous Star Wars trilogy was deliberately and expertly shaped to the mold of the ancient and revered Zen masters of old. Here are some thought provoking questions about the wisdom of Yoda.

Thoughtful Questions on Mind Habits

The mind works on the principle of habit. Once our mind is entrained with a habit, our thought or action becomes automatic. Developing negative habits - this principle works against us; developing positive habits - this principle works to our benefit.

Our experience of life seems to come automatically to us - yet, it all gets filtered through our conditioned habits of mind. Change your mind habits and you change the way you experience your life.

Thoughtful Questions on Stepping Out of the Mind

What do you find when you step out of the mind? That's the essence of the journey of self-discovery in a nutshell. An adventure, a journey, and a mystery - all rolled in to one. There's so much to learn and discover under the light of the sun.


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