Deep Thought Provoking Questions on True Inner-Self 


Deep thought provoking questions on our true inner-self helps explore the reality of who we are. It helps us understand the relationship between authentic self and the false self that is always trying to take its place.

Stepping Out of the Mind for True Inner-Self

What is it that waits for us beyond the veils of the mind? The mind cannot know. Stepping out-of-the-mind isn't only a challenge to be faced; it is a mystery to be lived.

Mystery and challenge are the true stomping grounds of the authentic self. They are the grounds of self-discovery and personal growth.

Stepping into the unknown requires no small amount of trust, courage and resolve. Personal evolution and positive life change require that we draw extensively on internal resources.

This is fertile ground for discovering, or uncovering, our true inner-self: the very well-spring of our internal reservoirs. As we take on the challenges and mysteries of stepping out-of-the-mind; we become increasingly at home with who we really are.

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Thoughtful Questions on Authentic Self

Deep thought provoking questions to reflect on true inner-self - our real self...

Isn't it a bit silly to be asking questions about our true inner self? Is it the mind or the heart that wants to know?

Shakespeare said, 'To thine own self be true...'. Why is this such a challenge for us?

Is there a connection between our true self and thinking? Is our true inner self changed in any way by the way we think about it?

How can our true self help us with our relationship with the mind? How can it help us develop a constructive relationship with our thinking?

What are the inherent qualities of the true self? Are these qualities available to us in our everyday lives?

Are we all living our lives authentically? Why not? What is getting in the way?

The existence of an authentic self implies the existence of a false self? Are we familiar with this false self? Do we recognize it? Can we see it operating in our lives?

How can we sharpen our awareness of the false self?

Does sharpening our awareness of the false self already mean that we are living more authentically?

Is it possible to 'see' the false self without a true inner self to do the 'seeing'?

Is our true self always with us? Can it ever really abandon us?

Can we feel separated from our authentic, true self? What causes this feeling of separation? Could this barrier be no thicker than a thought?

What is illusion? Is illusion possible without having a true self as background to the illusion?

Would it be a correct statement to say that our true inner self actually serves to highlight illusion?

Shouldn't we strive to eliminate illusion? Is it possible to eliminate illusion without eliminating true self? How might that look like?

Can illusion and authentic self live side by side happily ever after? Is it necessary to eliminate illusion or can changing our relationship with illusion be a more workable aim?

Is there a connection between illusion and thought? What is it, if any?

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To Thine Own Self Be True

True Inner-Self 

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