How to Change Your Life -
Innovative Pathways for Life Changers


Wondering how to change your life and where to start? Below you'll find not only creative ideas to change your life, but innovative practices, formulas and techniques to actually step into the inspired life changes you're after.

As you put into practice what you read below ask yourself, 'how's my outlook on life changing?' That's how to gauge real progress. Thinking differently, doing differently, seeing things differently than you did before. Inspired life change is well underway.

Let's get to it shall we? Evolutionary Pathways are meant for walking. But first of all congratulations are in order ...

Inner growth needs to find outer pathways of expression; while external endeavors require that we find inner pathways to lend strength, resilience, joy and stability to our daily efforts.

~Evolutionary Pathways

Congratulations for Believing In Yourself Enough to Take on Life Change!

If you're here searching for ways to change your life, then congratulations are in order. Half the battle has already been won. How do I know?

Because you're looking for ways - you're no longer asking yourself whether or not change is possible. Doubt is behind you - now wanting to know how. You're no longer...

... caught up in the why of life change ..."Why should I change? Why do I need to change?" While at the same time wondering... "Why is life being cruel to me? Why are things so unfair? Why don't I ever get a break? Why can't I ever follow through with the inspired life changes I want?"

Why? Why? Why?

You're past all that. You're now serious about actually changing your life. Some of these self improvement ideas can help lay a foundation for a strong start or check out this life changing motivation poem to get you thinking with your heart.

Ten Step Home Programs for Self-Hypnosis and Life Change 

Experience the Power of Transformational Self-Hypnosis Downloads

Life Change Is Psycho-Logical

Even when you know the exact changes you'd like to make in your life, follow-through can be a real challenge can't it? You may logically know that changes are in order; yet psychologically you may not feel quite up to the task.

Not a problem - it's a natural challenge that comes with any committed life change. Learning how to change negative thinking and deal with doubts and fears of all kinds is all part of the process. It's to put yourself through the forge.

Initially your old habits will offer resistance to your newly minted intentions, aspirations and goals. Facing and overcoming your resistance to change is a given on your life changing journey. You'll want to gather and hone one self help skill after another - building your armory as you make your way.

Inspired life change happens where conscious and subconscious align. Where the logical and psychological come together.

Your Life Changing Inspiration

There are two overarching ways to be happy in life - two main pathways to happiness if you will. Each provides their own source of inspiration. Yet, within each pathway there are life changing habits you can incorporate to inspire yourself on a regular basis. How to be inspired is easy when you take charge of your environment to create the atmosphere you want.

Wisdom Stories for Inspired Life Change

Wisdom is such an inspiring and powerful motivator that a site about inspired life change would be remiss without selected wisdom stories to help pave the way. Enjoy and contribute your own wisdom story if you have one to share!

How to Change Your Life with Awareness and Proactivity

From the definition of self-awareness it's clear how awareness is fundamental to inspired life change of all kinds. Awareness of your thought patterns, for example, allows you to shift from reactive to more proactive thinking. 

An awareness of gratitude as an antidote to the reactive mind allows you to become proactive by consciously inviting more gratitude into your life.

Self-development and the way open up some interesting avenues of personal growth and self-discovery, allowing you to transcend and transform at the deepest levels.

How to Change Your Life Beyond Thinking Positive

Positive thinking isn't the only or even the best way to bring more positivity to life. Sometimes rather than trying to think yourself into a new way of living; you've got to live yourself into a new way of thinking, as the saying goes. How to be more positive has more.

How to Change Your Life the Three Faces of Self and Mind

Know thyself, and inspired life change will never be far behind. Self-knowledge is a key to so many riches, including the inspired life changes you're after. By getting to know the three faces of self and mind, you'll come to awaken the warrior within. Inspired life change and authentic self-expression will be brought to your doorstep.

CHASE Your Dreams to Change Your Life

Some life changes are greater and more challenging than others. When you're up against a big life change or challenge, it can be useful to have a simple method or formula to refer to while in hot pursuit. CHASE your dreams to change your life has more.

How to Change Your Life with Natural Principles of Change

An inspired personal evolution system helps to align your life changing efforts with natural principles and laws of change. Utilizing a natural system for change means you'll be working towards synergy - where your life changing efforts build on each other to create flow. Everything will be working together towards the inspired life changes you want.

How to Change Your Life Using the Power of Duality

Life is dynamic and so is change. If we feel stagnant or unbalanced in our lives we can use self-knowledge and opposites towards inspired changes that will bring us back to life. Change for life has more.

Japanese Wisdom for Life Change

Ancient Japanese wisdom borrowed from Zen, the Martial Arts and other mind-body traditions has a lot to offer inspired life changers. Such wisdom provides a unique perspective on various aspects of life change.

How to Change Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Karmic Chain

The term 'karma' - far from being a mysterious or mystical force that mere mortals could never understand - is simply the law of cause and effect as it operates in our lives. You and I both have karma - partly self-created and partly inherited at birth. Understanding your karma, this chain of causation operating in your life, empowers you to create changes at the deepest levels of your being and of your life.

Be Your Own Life Coach for a Change

There is so much you can do to change your life, that sometimes it's hard to know where to start. This handy life coaching tool presents you with thought provoking, life-probing questions seemingly at random - if you believe there is such a thing. You may be surprised at the uncanny timing and nature of the questions you receive!

Asking yourself powerful questions; inspiring yourself with creative, uplifting thoughts; and setting goals are some of the ways to be your own life coach towards life change of your inspired design.

How to Change Your Life With Goals

Goal setting can be an effective way to harness the power of intention and motivation to reach your aims. Yet, setting goals is a tactic. It's a tree in the forest. What of the strategy? What of the forest the trees are actually in?

These effective goal setting strategies give you a 30,000 foot view - the lay of the land if you will - when it comes to using goal setting for life change. Inspired goal setting outlines a few important principles to keep in mind to ensure your goals aren't taking you off course from the life changes you're aiming at. 


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