How to Be Inspired and Stay That Way?


How to be inspired and stay that way? Like tidal waves rising in the sea, inspiration seems to come and go at the behest of powers far greater than ourselves. Can the sea give rise to its waves whenever it 'wants' to? Or are waves influenced largely by external factors such as the weather?

How do you give rise to inspiration and make it stick around more often? The answer lies in controlling the weather, not necessarily the sea. By exerting intentional control over your environment and external circumstance you can be inspired and stay that way more often than you might think.

Inspired In and Out - Your Totality of One

Inspiration wells up from within, no doubt. Yet what causes inspiration to arise? What inspires you if not external influences? Think about the last time you felt inspired. What was it that inspired you ...

Inspiring people you heard about or met? Inspirational thoughts and ideas you read and connected with on a soul level? Even actions you took could have really got those inspirational juices flowing.

Nature and space are powerful inspirations too. Spending time in nature or introducing nature into your home or office through plants, waterfalls, wind chimes or a pet. Eliminating clutter to introduce more space. This is to experience how to be more positive and more inspiration to life.

By controlling environmental influences, you can shape the landscape of your inner inspiration. How to be inspired, turns out, isn't just a matter of whim. Inspiration doesn't have to be accidental - unless you allow it to be.

Let's explore four major environmental influences you can fully control to bring more inspiration to life. How to be inspired doesn't have to be a matter of happenstance ...

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How to Be Inspired? Surround Yourself With the Right People

It's been said that you become the average of the five people you associate with the most. If this is even partially true then we should choose these people with care. You want to surround yourself with people that are more than just positive influences.

You want to surround yourself with people that inspire you.

Whether aware of it or not, most of the inner-talk we engage in has been picked up and absorbed from people we spend a lot of time with. This inner-self-talk isn't even our voice, yet we often listen to it as if it is our very own.

Surrounding yourself with the right people when it comes to sparking your inspiration is to surround yourself with people who call out your true voice within. You may be an engineer, yet find yourself inspired by musicians. You may be a high powered executive, yet find yourself inspired by athletes. You may be an office worker, yet find yourself inspired by entrepreneurs.

Inspiration is a true voice within and the people that ignite this inspiration are the people you want to surround yourself with. These people have something to tell you. These people have something to reflect back to you. They are mirrors to an important part of your true inner self. 

Nothing is more uninspiring than being surrounded day in and day out by people who simply cannot reflect essential you, back to you.

How to Be Inspired? Surround Yourself With Awe-Inspiring Thoughts and Ideas

What if you can't surround yourself with the right kind of people? What if people that can inspire you aren't readily accessible in the current daily structure of your life?

The second best thing to surrounding yourself with inspirational people is to surround yourself with inspirational minds. Inspiring thoughts and ideas can be accessed nowadays with ease and from virtually anywhere. 

Reading books is a great way to surround yourself with awe-inspiring thoughts and ideas. With the advent of the internet and the move into the information age we're now in - thoughts, ideas, principles and strategies from the greatest of minds - are all sitting at our fingertips.

All that's left for us to do is to actually access the information and read it.

The less opportunities you have to surround yourself with inspiring people in your life, the more you should aim to surround yourself with inspiring thoughts and ideas to spark your own. How to be inspired is easy when you immerse and surround your own mind with inspired minds of others.

Whether you experience sudden, earth shattering insights or undergo subtle shifts in your thinking and outlook, inspiration will be leading the way.

How to Be Inspired? Surround Yourself With Nature

Nature is inspiring. There are quite a few ways you can surround yourself with nature and bring its inspiration into your life.

Spend time in nature

This is best.

Walk, hike, meditate, exercise, sleep, play, sit or lie down in a field and gaze at the sky. By absorbing yourself in nature, your mind will naturally open-up and inspiration will rise closer to the surface.

Bring nature into your home

Raise an animal. Breathe in the scent of a flower in your home or garden. Create or install an indoor water fountain. Raise a bonzai tree. Surrounding yourself with plants, flowers, pets and/or the magical sound of flowing water is a great way to invite yourself to step right out of the mind.

Inspiration will immediately be there for you to find.

Observe nature

Gaze up into a star lit sky (did you know that pigs are physioligically incapable of such a feat?). Contemplate a landscape by looking out into the distance. Scan a nearby volcano or mountain. Imagine climbing its peaks.

Watch a nature documentary on television. Even pictures or photos of nature can be inspiring when they whisk you away and 'take you there'.

How to Be Inspired? Declutter Everything

It's easy to under look the inspirational power of something so simple and non-existent as space. Yet space in many ways is the very legs that inspiration stands on. How inspired would you expect to feel while being suffocated by physical or mental clutter all around you? How much inner-freedom and creativity flows while being overwhelmed by external stimulus?

Decluttering your physical environment is one solution to how to be more positive and bring more inspiration into your life. Decluttering your mental space is another way to experience how to inspire yourself with three life-changing habits. 

How to be inspired has never been easier with this variety of tips and suggestions to choose from.

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