How to Inspire Yourself with Three Life-Changing Habits


How to inspire yourself? What a powerful question and quest to be on! Being inspired is a birth-right, yet in the hustle and bustle of daily life it's so easily forgotten or left behind. Stress and other mind-numbing preoccupations block access to the inspirational well-springs naturally yours. Yet, an important part of you hasn't forgotten. After all, isn't that why you're here? You want to reconnect with inspiration - the very power that brings you to life!

You may catch yourself lamenting, "Where has my inspired self gone?". Yet you should know that inspiration can be cultivated. It isn't something lost or found at whim; something to hope for or lament. If you've lost your inspiration, you can do something about it. You can experience how to inspire yourself with three potentially life-changing habits as outlined below.

"One need not be a chamber to be haunted; one need not be a house; the brain has corridors surpassing material place."

~Emily Dickinson

Perspire to Inspire.

Unlikely as it sounds, one of the ways to inspire yourself is to make a point of sweating in your life - a lot. A martial arts master I studied with once remarked that sweat and perspiration are a means of communicating with the heavens.

You put in the effort and you sweat. Your sweat then evaporates and rises to the heavens carrying with it a resounding message: there is a human being down here who is applying him or her self!

In my own life physical activity, mind-body disciplines and exercise have always played an important role. When I exercise I am a much happier camper - especially if the exercise means an intense engagement and involvement of both body and mind.

Exercise and sweat help cleanse both body and mind of toxins. It helps rid the body of excess or unnecessary tension. It provides an outlet for stagnant and/or blocked energy.

It also has a staggering and immediate effect on the mind. Worries and fears diminish in the afterglow of physical activity. The mind becomes clear and we're able to assess our situation or problems in a truer, more objective light. It's as if a veil lifts from over your eyes and problems that loomed so large are suddenly manageable. The 'impossible' becomes doable; and the urgent becomes far less so.

Sweating your *ss off is a great way to step right out of the mind to experience how to inspire yourself. It helps banish all manner of negativity and helps restore perspective. If you're looking to inspire yourself on a regular basis, incorporating the life changing habit of exercise and sweating into your life is a sure winner.

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Train Your Mind. Meditate.

The road to inspiration may have many faces, yet they all have one thing in common. For an inspired self to emerge, presence or peace of mind is important. Meditation is a powerful way to experience how to inspire yourself for this very reason.

A mistake often made when people decide to give meditation a try is to meditate with too much unreleased tension and energy still trapped in the body. The result of engaging in meditation this way is usually anything but peaceful. You may very well come out of this kind of 'meditation' less inspired they you went in!

You've heard about the benefits of meditation and how great it's supposed to be. You determine to give it a try! Yet you end up feeling even more irritated and uneasy, not knowing why. The relaxation and poise you were hoping for have been thwarted, and guess who most likely takes the blame?

Meditation? Hah! I'm never trying that technique again. If that's how to inspire yourself than I'd rather stay uninspired as I am!

What a shame. If only you had a better idea of what's really going on...

Imagine going to work and sitting at a desk job all day long and then trying to meditate and relax in the evening. There is so much energy pent up in the body that relaxation isn't a very likely outcome. This is where the first way to inspire yourself as outlined above comes in.

Physical activity - especially a mind-body discipline of your favored choice - is a great prelude to meditation.

Incorporating physical activity into your life is an excellent preparation for meditation. With all of the excess tension and blocked energy flushed from your body, you're ready to truly sit and meditate. Meditation is about working with the mind and we need to be available to do just that.

Physical activity, in and of itself, can be transformed into meditation. A walk in the woods can be meditative. Running or swimming can have meditative effects. Martial arts are well known as a powerful meditative practice. Yet seated meditation is still often considered the purest form of mind training.

The root of all worry, fear, problems and concerns isn't in what's happening to you. It's in what's happening within you. Stepping out of the mind is to experience how to inspire yourself - towards a much needed and welcomed relief!

Guard Your Input. Consume Wisely.

One of the best ways to experience how to inspire yourself is to prevent depressing influences from entering your life. But of course, right? Yet, take a close look and you'll likely discover you've been opening the door to depressing influences in small and perhaps unwitting ways.

You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat." On a physical level this hits the nail right on the head. The body, including the brain, is shaped, maintained and sustained by the substances you put into your body. The higher the quality of this input, the higher the quality of the 'output' you can expect, right?'

Yet looking beyond the body to the whole of who you are - body, intellect, emotions, energy, soul and spirit - it's clear that care needs to be taken with more than just what we choose to put in our mouth. You best ensure that all aspects of vibrant you are offered high quality input.

You best consume wisely.

When we allow the heart, mind, body and soul to absorb all manner of negativity from media, negative friends or associations, idle gossip or plain ignorant opinion and conjecture - where's the surprise in what becomes of us? In a way it's our own doing - or undoing. That's not how to inspire yourself for ...

What you consume you assume.

The armor you wear isn't nearly as thick as you'd like to believe. When you unwittingly expose yourself to depressing and uninspiring influences - and their guises are many - you are affected. A transformation takes place, but not one that supports you when inspiration is your aim.

How to Inspire Yourself Isn't Hard

Learning and adopting ways to inspire yourself isn't hard. In fact, if it was hard it probably wouldn't be very inspiring now would it!

To experience how to inspire yourself, is to a large extent about learning to protect yourself from powerful undesirable influences. How to be inspired by using your environment are things to consider in your bid to regain inspiration and keep it flowing in your life.

I hope you enjoyed these three life changing tips on how to inspire yourself - bringing more vitality and flow to your body, your mind, and your life.

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