Top Benefits of Being Proactive


The personal benefits of being proactive versus reactive are both mundane and profound. Proactivity is a cornerstone of spiritual growth and meaningful change. As we invite more of it into our lives, we become less susceptible to the sheer reactivity of the mind. The more proactive, the more conscious we become. And vice versa.


Activity doesn't equal proactivity. The simple fact that you're active doesn't automatically mean that you're being pro-active. Proactivity is first and foremost a state of mind.

The hallmark of proactivity is developing the freedom to act and not just to react. Reacting, you fall into a repetitious and automated state of mind. You're taken over by habit or the impulse of the moment. Conscious intentions and desires get pushed aside.

Instead of living consciously and deliberately, you end up expressing the conditioning and habits that have been taking shape in you for years. This may or may not be serving you well. This may or may not align with an authentic expression of who you are.

One of the main personal benefits of being proactive vs. reactive is breaking out of these mindless, repetitious patterns that keep you trapped in false self-expression.

Health and vitality are as natural as air is to breathing. If you've developed unhealthy reactive habits they can be changed. You can always return to a more natural and authentic expression of self, resulting in a gratitude attitude growing strong.

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The Bend of Time

We all have time. Yet, we don't all feel equally blessed with the time we have. You may feel that time is of short supply. You may feel that you never have enough time to accomplish the things you would if only you had more time.

Have we ever stopped to consider that perhaps time isn't the real problem? Being reactive, we're constantly busy fending off the next thing that comes our way. Reactivity has no place or room for time to unfold.

One of the chief benefits of being proactive is that it helps you recover 'lost' time. As you wrest control from the hands of the reactive mind you begin to see that time was never the problem. You come to realize that being proactive, you actually have all the time you'll ever need.

Presence of Mind

A reactive mind is always falling behind the times. As life is happening all around you, the reactive mind is busy. It's constantly assessing and reacting, trying to keep you safe and alive.

While the reactivity mechanism is designed for survival, it easily gets out of hand. The moment it causes you to lose presence of mind, it can easily start working against you. Your connection to the present moment is lost and with it your ability to respond is lost too. A response is always better than a reaction since it contains an element of your very own conscious input.

Proactivity brings consciousness and pause to the reactive mind. It brings you back into balance allowing for presence of mind to prevail.

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