How to Deal with Stress Using Your Body-Mind


How to deal with stress? How to relieve stress? Critical questions to which we must find our own livable answers to. More and more stressed out people are discovering the hard way just how damaging this strain can be to both body and mind. Dealing with stress effectively can be done through skillful proactive use of your body-mind. The self-empowerment that comes with it is yours to enjoy and find.

The Body-Mind Connection and Stress Relief

Stress is a dis-ease of both body and mind. While stress is most definitely generated and processed by the mind, it's 'stored' and accumulated in every nerve and muscle tissue of your body. The stress in your mind becomes tension in your body.

The body captures stress in tangible form - as tension. You need to liberate this tension that accumulates in your body. The good news is that once you identify these tensions in specific areas of your body, you can readily set out to liberate them from both body and mind. Using hypnosis to relax is one mindful method to achieve this. Cultivating your meditation power is another.

Meditation and hypnosis aren't mutually exclusive by any means. Incorporating both practices into your daily routine may very well create synergistic effects that multiply the positive stress releasing effects and benefits of your efforts.

By liberating tension from the body, the correspondent stress is liberated from the mind (and vise versa). Tension is stress, embodied; and stress is tension, mentalized. Working with the body-mind connection to relieve stress you become increasingly skillful at relaxing both body and mind to prevent unhealthy stress from accumulating.

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How to Relieve Stress? Become Increasingly Proactive!

Being reactive is stressful.

Feeling you're not in control of yourself or your life is stressful. It should come as no surprise that the less control you feel you have, the more stressed out you're likely to feel. Of course, the more stressed out you become the more likely you are to be reactive vs proactive in the first place.

It's a vicious cycle.

Becoming more proactive in life is to take back a good measure of control. Regaining this lost sense of control you begin enjoying the benefits of being proactive and reaping its rewards. Proactivity is a powerful stress-buster. The more reactivity you can leave behind, the more peace of mind you surely find.

Stress Less with Gratitude Expressed

Learning how to deal with stress is to a large extent about mastering an attitude of both body and mind. Being grateful is a great example of adopting such a total attitude. Developing the attitude of gratitude reduces stress. Figuring out how to deal with stress is easier when you have less of it to deal with in the first place!

As with many things in life, a gram of prevention is often worth a ton of cure. This may be especially true when it comes to effectively dealing with stress. Gratitude as daily habit helps keep unhealthy levels of stress at bay. It isn't a coincidence when gratitude and happiness are invited in day by day!

How to Deal With Stress by Cultivating These Three Habits

Three ways to be happy and stress free outlines three habitual practices that give us a solid foundation for long-term stress free living. With these habits firmly in place we get to be the ones to decide how much stress we want to entertain in our lives.

Well managed stress can actually be a very powerful positive force in our lives - forcing us to grow and evolve. This form of positive stress, known as eustress, can be a potent catalyst to self improvement and motivation. As we become skilled at stress relief we can transmute more and more of our negative stressors into positive influences.


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