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Calming Downloads for Your Body-Mind


Using hypnosis to relax and unwind helps you get in touch with a profound peace of body and mind. Without leaving the comfort of home you'll be taken on a profoundly relaxing journey guided by some of the latest self-hypnosis relaxation techniques.

These calming downloads allow you to tap into a grossly under-utilized power of the subconscious mind - the power to release, let go and flow. With increasing calm and less stress all around, the life changes can be profound.

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"Just Relax" - If It Were That Easy I Wouldn't Need These Downloads!

You don't consciously tell your heart to keep beating nor your blood to keep circulating and lungs to keep pulling in air right? These functions take place automatically and subconsciously - commanded by what is known as the autonomic nervous system.

Your ability to relax is controlled by this same subconscious mechanism.

That's why you can't really relax 'on command'. In fact, the more conscious effort you put into trying to relax the less likely it is that relaxation is going to come your way. 

So how do you relax when you want to? The answer lies in gaining direct access to your autonomic nervous system - gaining direct access to the domain of your subconscious mind. And here's the key - without trying. This is where using hypnosis to relax can be so powerful. 

Ten Step Home Programs for Self-Hypnosis and Life Change 

Experience the Power of Transformational Self-Hypnosis Downloads

Awaken Your Psycho-Physical Control

Professionally crafted relaxation downloads are a powerful aid to connecting with your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis to relax helps you awaken your psycho-physical control: the control of your body-mind.

Relaxing the mind is a surprisingly physical activity. Lacking the muscle control and/or awareness of tension stored in various areas of your body, makes relaxing the mind harder to achieve. Likewise, gripping thoughts in the mind will manifest as tension in the body.

Relaxation is an affair of your entire being.

Deep self hypnosis downloads assist full cooperation between body and mind. Guided self-hypnosis allows you to release and let go - while you let someone else take over the burden of inner-talk for a while. While it's true that true relaxation can never be forced; it can be induced. Self-hypnosis relaxation techniques expertly guide you into the depths of your being.

The effectiveness of using hypnosis to relax is well established. And with the advent of instant self hypnosis downloads you'll never need to leave the comfort of home! We live in some pretty amazing times, to be sure.

Why Is Audio Guidance Near Ideal for Letting Go?

Sometimes you come across a guided imagery exercise or a cool relaxation technique in a book; that you'd just love to try out. The only problem is that you can't really read and do the exercise at the same time! The conscious struggle to remember and the need to consciously walk yourself through it - is all that it takes to throw relaxation right out the window!

Instead of relaxing and letting go, you end up stressing out. Definitely not what you want.

One of the wonderful things about deep self-hypnosis downloads is that they absolve you of having to generate your own internal dialogue. They take you on an guided journey - such a relief! Having a soothing voice to follow, everything is taken care of. You don't have to think or worry. Letting go is all that's left.

This is the greatest advantage of using guided self-hypnosis to relax. Plug in your earphones, kick back into your favorite armchair or lie on your bed, and get ready to venture into the depths of your being. Relaxation will be there to greet you.

That's all there is to it. Breathe, relax and enjoy! Probably the most important 'how to' self hypnosis tips you'll ever need.

Take Hypnosis to Relax with a Stroll Through Nature

Use these calming downloads to take you into a stroll through nature within. You'll be struck at how such an inner stroll can leave you feeling rejuvenated just as if you really took a tour outdoors! Put the powers of your subconscious mind towards relaxing with these hand-picked relaxation downloads...

These hypnosis for relaxation MP3s will help you let go in somewhat different ways...

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