Mindfulness Training for Inspired Life Change


Mindfulness training is a powerful enabler to inspired life change. What is mindfulness and how does training in mindfulness help us become more inspired, conscious and aware? This section is about peering into the mind, taking a close look at ourselves and at what's happening within. Here we'll explore mindfulness, mindlessness and thinking to uncover powerful ways for stepping out of the mind.

What Is Mindfulness?

When it comes to defining mindfulness it may be easier to start with identifying what mindfulness isn't. This helps point us in the right direction. You aren't being mindful when...

  • …you're preoccupied with thinking.

  • …you're 'spaced-out’.

  • …you're being overly self-conscious.

  • …you're worrying.

  • …you're anxious and lacking trust.

So now that we have an idea of what mindfulness isn't; what is mindfulness?

One simple definition of mindfulness is presence. To be mindful is to be present. There's nothing simpler or more natural than this presence. Yet it's still a rare occasion to be mindful when our thinking is predominantly running the show.

A working definition of mindful can be of great aid to inspired life change.

When thinking stops, mindfulness is undoubtedly there. Yet even when thinking and inner talk are going full force you can still be present and mindful. You and I have the undeniable ability to be watchful of the mind. Mind training in Zen and the Martial Arts allows a direct experience of this simple truth.

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The Landscape of the Past - The Mindscape of the Present

It's said that hindsight is 20/20.

We're usually pretty good at looking at past experience and seeing it for what it is or was. Hindsight is 20/20 because once you're afforded some distance from your immediate experience, you become much more objective about it. With distance you can view your experiences clearly and in a new and illuminating light.

Hindsight allows you to learn and grow from your experiences. Hindsight can help guide your next steps and determine the best ways to move forward without having you repeat the same mistakes over and over.

So if most of us are pretty adept at hindsight; what about mind sight? How good are you at gaining some distance from your very own mind as it unfolds in the now? How good are you at being watchful of the mind, so as to be able to see it clearly and in a new and illuminating light? 

Mindfulness training allows you to answer these questions in the positive. It allows you to change your mindset and thought by expanding your awareness to uncover deeper truths. To be mindful is a training of both body and mind. With this combination inspired life change is never hard to find.

The Mindfulness You Can Find With Daily Body-Mind

Mindfulness training can be pursued 'formally' or 'informally'.

Formal traditional methods for training mindfulness are the mind-body disciplines many of us are familiar with - martial arts, yoga, meditation to name a few. These (and many others) are extremely powerful avenues to train the body-mind connection cultivating mindfulness for life.

Meditation power helps you step out of the mind to inspire the body. Martial arts and yoga inspire the body and before you know it you've been taken right out of the daily repetitious thinking of the mind. Meditation for beginners outlines two powerful meditation techniques to help initially cultivate your focus and mindfulness.

And don't let the uncertainty how long to meditate stop you either!

Taking your mindfulness training into daily life can be informal as well. How to let thing go and let life flow is one life changing way to practice mindfulness in the midst of life. Use creative mindfulness exercises to work with your body-mind almost anywhere you go. 


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