Develop the Attitude of Gratitude with These Tips


The attitude of gratitude is so available and unpretentious that we rarely see it for the precious opportunity it is. Setting out to deepen and cultivate gratitude in your life is one of the most life affirming, stress reducing things a person can do. Here are some simple tips to help bring more gratitude and less stress to your life.

Humor Yourself

Laughter is so natural and simple that it often gets overlooked as an available and often permanent solution to many of our problems. It is an effective means of stepping out-of-the-mind and developing the attitude of gratitude.

Once you have laughed at something - and I mean truly laughed at something and not just pretended to - then that something no longer owns you. You're free.

It's not so much the physical laughter that does it (although this also plays a role) - it's the humor. This is why an inner-smile can be just as effective. When you can see the humor in a situation your mind opens up and before you know it a feeling of gratitude takes over.

When we're able to laugh or smile at something we immediately see it in a different light. Humor restores perspective. It creates space - it gives us distance from our reactive thinking and emotions. It gives us pause; it allows us to see things for what they are. Humor and laughter are pathways right out-of-the-mind leading to gratitude.

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Write Your Way To Gratitude

The reason gratitude doesn't often come naturally to us is because we have developed the habit of focusing on what we lack and overlooking what we have. The things we do have are easily taken for granted. Keeping a personal development journal is a great way to remind ourselves how blessed we truly are. We already have so much yet we forget to stop, take a look and see.

Writing things down brings them to the center of our attention. Simply make a practice of writing down things that you can truly be grateful for. There's always something. You may very well find that instead of running out of ideas, you actually think of more and more things to be grateful for. Gratitude expands in front of your eyes and your life expands along with it. Check out this self-motivation article on writing a positivity journal to help yourself get started.

Being grateful is largely a matter of attending to the abundance that is right under our feet - even if things aren't yet exactly the way we would like them to be. Life has it's seasons; everything in our life has it's place. 

Multiply It

Temporarily averting our gaze from what we want, and focusing on what we have instead, is a great way to build gratitude. Yet, we can do even better than that. Instead of focusing only on being grateful for what we have, we can be grateful for what others have as-well.

We don't have to wait for our own good fortune to come knocking; we can delight in the good fortune of others. In this way the good fortune of others becomes our own thanks to the gratitude it brings us - a superbly rewarding emotion in and of itself.

Instead of feeling envy we switch to gratitude as a conscious practice. We may even do this out of purely selfish motives, since we know that feeling grateful is an emotion that is likely to attract good fortune into our lives as-well. It certainly beats the alternative of inviting negativity into our lives through envy.

Feeling grateful for the good fortune of others makes us understand how interconnected we all are. Celebrating unreservedly in the good fortune of others, we are filled to the brim ourselves.

Know Your Worth

If you're feeling that life isn't worthwhile then perhaps it's because you, yourself, are not feeling worthy. An antithetical emotion to self-worth is guilt. Shame is another. Guilt and shame are stone-cold killers of gratitude.

If we are feeling guilty or shameful then developing the attitude of gratitude will mean getting rid of these destructive habitual emotions. We deserve more than that. We deserve to live as we were born - worthy of the life we have been given.

Not only do we owe it to ourselves, but we owe it to our fellow human beings to reclaim our worth. Everyone benefits greatly from a life lived from a sense of self-worth and natural dignity. You are worth it and other instant self hypnosis downloads can help.

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