Inspiring Gratitude Poem for Life


Enjoy this inspirational gratitude poem for life!

"Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind."

~Lionel Hampton

The mind is a time traveler between the future and far past. It only ever fleets through the present - a moment to never last. The moment - however - is the place gratitude calls home; no wonder the mind struggles - we all hear it moan.

Have you ever tried being grateful, when you aren’t feeling it true? The mind says we should, but the heart just doesn’t follow through. Gratitude and the mind speak a different language it seems. Gratitude is in the middle while the mind goes to extremes.

The simplicity of gratitude is foreign to a complex mind. Among the worries, fears and doubts, where is there gratitude to find? Stepping out of the mind, however, appreciation draws near; thank goodness for that step - we’ve entered an entirely different sphere. Present in the moment - with gratitude hand-in-hand - we experience things anew: how simple, how grand!

Appreciating our life, even as we want to improve; actually gives us freedom, the permission to move. Without this gratitude to help pave the way; we easily get stuck, the mind refusing to sway. When we know positive change will give us delight; we are much more likely to let ourselves take flight. And how will our future be appreciated for sure; if we aren’t grateful for the present and just try to endure?

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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