Deep Thought Provoking Questions on Reactive Thinking


Deep thought provoking questions on reactive thinking shine a light on the automatic function of the mind. Stuck on automatic our mind reels at surprising speed, leaving no room for anything else to enter. Much of our reactive thinking happens at a sub-conscious level. Bringing this activity to light - becoming aware of the reactive mind - we are able to act instead of react. We gain the freedom to respond to life instead. 

Stepping Out of Reactivity

There is a close link between thoughts, actions, habit and character. The thoughts we think, words we speak, actions we take, and habits we develop - all play an important role in shaping our lives. These form a karmic road to life change.

These stepping stones can be walked consciously or unconsciously. They can be taken proactively or reactively. Taken consciously - proactively - they lead to personal growth and positive life change. Shifting from reactive to proactive thinking we increasingly walk towards destiny with eyes wide open.

Taken unconsciously - reactively - they lead to a path that isn't of our choosing. Change still happens, but it's random and chaotic. True choice for change is nowhere to be found. Direction is lost. We are pushed towards fate with eyes glued shut.

Use the following thought provoking questions on reactive thinking to walk your path consciously...

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Thoughtful Questions on Habitual, Reactive Thinking

Thought provoking questions on reactive, habitual thinking below...

What is reactive thinking? Are we capable of anything else but reactive thinking?

Are we in control of reactive thinking; or is reactive thinking in control of us?

Does reactive thinking make us come alive with joy and extra vitality?

Is reactive thinking an important part of our humanity? Is going beyond reactive thinking an important part of our humanity?

How powerful is reactive thinking? Can I control it? Can I control the effect it has on me? Or perhaps it is best to avoid it all together if I can?

Are there times or situations in which reactive thinking may be beneficial?

Do I know I have a viable alternative to reactive thinking that is available to me at all times?

Do we choose our reactive thinking; or does our reactive thinking choose us?

How is reactive thinking influencing my life as I experience it now? What impact is reactivity having in my life right now?

How am I worse off with reactivity in my life?

How would my life be different if I 'stepped out' of my reactive thought patterns and became more proactive? What would be possible for me if I became increasingly skilled at stepping out of my reactive thought patterns, proacively guiding my life?

Is there a place in the mind where reactivity doesn't exist? Is there a place outside of the mind where reactivity doesn't exist?

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