How to Be More Positive Taking Four Easy Steps


Wondering how to be more positive? Welcome to the club! Being more positive can often feel like a struggle. But it really doesn't need to be. Thinking too much about it rarely helps. By eliminating concrete causes of negativity, ease naturally replaces any struggle. Here are some ideas for bringing more positivity straight into your life...

"We do not think ourselves into new ways of living; we live ourselves into new ways of thinking."

~Richard Rohr

Declutter to Clarify

Having clarity is positive. How can you promote clarity both within and without? A great place to start is with your external environment. It's no coincidence that Zen monasteries around the world promote an immaculate environment - from daily dusting and cleaning indoors, to landscaping and gardening outdoors.

What surrounds you - influences you. Clutter on the outside, invites clutter on the inside too. Clarity is lost.

In your day to day life, what environments do you frequent most? Home? Office? Computer? Car? Take time to tidy up these environments.

Eliminate clutter.

Introduce inspiring elements.

Plants, art, meaningful photos, inspiring or relaxing music, a water fountain, bamboo wind chimes, inspirational books - the possibilities are endless.

Your computer is an environment like any other. How's that inbox of yours doing? I know that mine is bursting at the seems as we speak - and it's weighing me down in ways I'm both aware and unaware of. It's a high priority on my 'to do' list and it will be accomplished in short order. I can already taste the lightheartedness and sense of relief!

Your environment is communicating with you 24/7. How to be more positive depends on the quality of this conversation. What's the message you're currently getting about you and your life? Would you rather have a different 'conversation' unfold?

Get clear. Get to it.

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Cut Resentments Loose

Trying to be more positive while carrying around resentments is like trying to climb a mountain with a load of bricks on your back. It's possible - but why would you want to do it that way?!

Think of resentments you may be carrying around with you. The ones you hold closest to your chest, are the ones that are likely weighing you down the most. A grudge is a very costly psychological burden to carry. If you have a mountain to climb, you can't afford to do it. As hard as it may seem try forgiveness instead.

If redirecting your resentments feels more doable than dropping them altogether, start there ...

Redirect your resentment away from the person and on to what the interaction with that person represents. If someone has caused you to hate them, for example, stop resenting the person and start resenting the hatred instead. "I resent this hatred!" replaces "I resent so and so". After all, it's the hatred that's most damaging to you - whatever that person may have done.

How to be more positive is to take control back into your own hands. Don't let anyone - especially someone you purport to hate - take control of your life! Talk about adding insult to injury. Take yourself in hand.

Get Your Essential Needs Met

Here's another backpack full of rocks. Trying to be more positive while ignoring your actual needs is a sure recipe for struggle and frustration. Take a close and honest look at yourself and your life. What's missing? What are you longing for?

Are you wondering how to find a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Are you longing for more interaction or intimacy in your life? Perhaps you long for more freedom - freeing yourself from financial limitations or oppression felt in an unwanted career or work environment? Perhaps your longings are more spiritual in nature - wanting to spend more time alone, with nature, reconnecting with your inner-voice, purpose and soul.

Whatever your longings may be, it's your inner-being talking. How to be more positive is to listen for this voice. Then honor it - by stepping onto the path stretching between it and your own two feet. How much positive energy and inner-strength do you think will be yours even by taking an initial step?

Give Yourself A Daily Focal Point

It's easy to underestimate a lack of purpose or direction in life for the negativity it brings. Giving yourself purpose and direction is one of the most powerful things you can do - bar none - to bring positivity and vitality rushing into your life.

Japanese 'Koi' breeders ('Koi' is a large and very colorful fish from the carp family) utilize the power of this focus, direction and purpose in a very simple way ...

Fascinatingly, they discovered, that by introducing a rock to the middle of a 'Koi' pond - they ended up with much healthier, stronger fish. Turns out the fish would naturally gravitate towards the rock and use it as a focal point to swim around. As they swam and swam around the rock, they grew stronger and more vital.

In the pond without a rock, on the other hand, the fish would just wander around aimlessly. They had nothing to focus their energies - they had nothing to rally around. These fish didn't grow as large and tended towards sickness more often.

The lesson is simple; yet powerful and clear. How to be more positive is a matter of introducing such a rock into your daily life and routine. Incorporate something meaningful - choose whatever rock you'd like. Yet, remember that a significant portion of the benefits isn't so much about the rock itself.

It's about the steady focus that it gives to every single day of your life. It's in the way that focus contributes to changing your life one day at a time. 

How to Be More Positive Is to Cut and Proactively Bring In

How to be more positive isn't a simple matter of 'positive thinking'. In fact, more thinking may not be what you need at all. You may very well find the process of elimination bringing untold joy and positivity into your life. By eliminating the unnecessary, the burdensome and the frivolous you've created space where there was none before.

In this opening new things can proactively be introduced.

These things then become the kernel, the seed, for your future life to unfold. If any thinking is to be done on how to be more positive in your life, let it be on this seed. What seeds to you want to plant or introduce? Go ahead and plant them in the space you create, nurture and care for them, and watch your inspired life change unfold and your positive energy grow. 

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