Deep Thought Provoking Questions on Positive Attitude


Deep thought provoking questions on positive attitude helps you re-examine what it means to cultivate a truly positive attitude for life. A solid positive attitude carries strength, but with a smile. True positivity is aligned with reality. There would be little cause for optimism by stubbornly insisting on going against the grain of life.

Stepping Out of the Mind for a Positive Attitude

Few would argue with the obvious merits of cultivating a positive attitude. Yet, the task isn't necessarily as straightforward as it seems. There are many little ways in which we may sabotage our best intentions.

Developing a positive attitude is often equated with feeling good, for example. So if we're feeling crappy, we might subconsciously feel that we're losing the battle to cultivate a positive attitude. We give up, or give in.

A positive attitude with true strength and value is forced to grow in the wild. It isn't a greenhouse plant. Growing in the wild assures that it can accompany us as we set out for adventure and meet with challenging times.

A greenhouse plant would wilt in such an environment. A true positive attitude will only grow stronger and all the better for it. This is the kind of attitude we want accompanying us as we set out for the road.

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Thoughtful Questions on a Proactive Attitude for Life

Reflect on the thought provoking questions below to help cultivate a resilient positive attitude for life...

What do we mean by cultivating a positive attitude? Am I clear as to what a positive attitude actually consists of?

Is cultivating a positive attitude basically the equivalent of shutting our eyes to negativity and burying our heads in the sand? How may it be something different than this?

Does cultivating a positive attitude mean that we're no longer supposed to feel sad, bad, insecure, angry, upset, and frustrated? How can we cultivate a positive attitude that is capable of living side-by-side with these all of reality?

Is there a connection between cultivating a positive attitude and developing character? In what way are they related to each other, if at all?

Does cultivating a positive attitude require any mental discipline?

How do we overcome the pull of negativity and prevent ourselves from getting dragged down by it?

Can negativity actually be an important condition to developing a positive attitude that is stable and enduring?

Is 'strong thinking' an important aspect of developing a positive attitude? Is it possible to cultivate a strong positive attitude while nurturing the weeds of weak thinking?

Negativity can often seem strong. But does negativity make us strong or weak? Is it's power destructive or creative?

Isn't negativity the core ingredient of weak thinking? Isn't positivity the core ingredient of strong thinking?

So why do you think that positivity has somehow been linked with weakness; and negativity with strength?

Could it be that what we usually think of as being positive, is not fully positive? Could it be that in our unexamined positivity there are elements of undetected negativity that have yet to root out?

Can I think of one example where my positive attitude may actually have a hole in it? In what ways may you be sabotaging your positive attitude?

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