Inspired Forgiveness Poem for Life


Enjoy this inspired forgiveness poem for life!

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way."

~Henry David Thoreau

Learning how to forgive, whether ourselves or another, isn't easy to do; it’s no ‘bread and butter’. We may want to forgive. We may think it’s the best thing to do. We may even have tried to forgive; yet the mind continues to pursue. We can’t seem to bring ourselves to forgive and let go. A part of us thinks it would just be a show.

‘Forgiving’ contains the words for and giving. Forgiveness is quite literally for-giving. Still, we hold back. We don’t want to give. How do we give when we feel so much has been taken away? We want to take away too; we want to make them pay. This is the challenge, the barrier, to forgive. It’s also often the challenge, the barrier, to live.

The warrior within knows we need to give - to get back. We need to give of ourselves to get off of the rack. No matter how much we feel has been taken away; we must work with what we have. We must make that our ray.

Thus coming from a place deep in the heart…

Forgiveness can open up a small space to start.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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