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Be your own coach with 'ThinkPal', a free life coaching tool for change. This easy to use application, which you can download onto your phone right away, puts self-coaching right at your fingertips even when on the go.

'ThinkPal' - Your Coach on the Go

The "ThinkPal" is a mobile phone application developed by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - one of the most respected and well established life coach training academies in the world. It is a great self-development tool that can be taken with you anywhere you go. And the best part of it? It's free!

Here is what's included in the free application:

  • An initial set of thought provoking questions designed to stimulate powerful insights. This is an effective tool to assist you with thinking through problems. As a new random question is offered with a press of a button, inevitably a question will arrive that really hits home. You can then record any thoughts or insights that come to you on the spot (see 'notes to self' below).

  • 'Wheel of Life' assessment tool. How balanced is your life at present? Use this self-assessment tool to get a very clear picture of where you currently stand. You can even email your wheel of life to your personal coach if you are currently working with one.

  • 'Notes to Self' - typed and/or recorded. Type or record thoughts, insights, hunches and inspirations as they come to you. Once again, you can share these with your personal coach in your next coaching session.

  • A recorded introduction to the principles and strategies of co-active coaching.

If you want to coach yourself through an even broader range of topics, you have the option to upgrade for a few dollars to add the following in-app modules to your coaching experience with 'ThinkPal':

  • Additional 'question packs' that are targeted specifically to the following areas...

    Personal Relationships.
    Work/Life Balance.
    Career Transitions.
    Workplace Communications.

  • A Professional Wheel of Life.

  • Audio recordings to help reconnect with your life purpose and values at any time. These guided visualizations can be very powerful.

  • A customizable wheel of life where you can designate your own categories.

  • Affirmations.

  • Homework and Journaling.

Whether you stick with the free version or decide to upgrade for a few dollars, the co-active 'ThinkPal' is a wonderful life coaching tool for change. It also provides a simple introduction to the co-active coaching model that is increasingly becoming the standard for coaches world-wide.

Download the 'ThinkPal' to your phone right now and start coaching yourself beginning today. It should only take a few minutes to download and you'll reap the benefits for many more to come. Have fun!

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