How to Change My Life?
A Motivation Poem to Help You on Your Way


Have you ever wondered, "How to change my life?" It's sometimes hard to get a start. This motivation poem won't only get you thinking; it'll have you talk to your heart. Ready to take a brief journey, to explore some terrain within? This motivational poem will stir your soul, allowing your life change to begin.

How to Change My Life Motivation Poem

Let’s talk motivation!

But before we do I have an important question for you…

What do you want? A big question, I know…but do take a moment to revisit a corner or two of your soul. Take an inquisitive look to that wondrous place inside - the land of possibilities, the terrain of aspirations - the fulfillment of which makes you take pride.

What appears in your mind’s eye, clear as daylight to see? What is it that excites and speaks to your spirit free?

Do you see yourself travelling to wonderful places abroad? Do you see yourself changing careers or perhaps becoming self employed - or is that just odd? Do you see personal freedom as an essential quality of your way? Perhaps an inner journey of self-development and discovery is calling you to play?

Perhaps you’re seeing something else entirely; a life change that needs to happen, priorly?

Whatever it is you’ve encountered on this brief sojourn within - congratulations! You’ve just reconnected with your deepest motivations. 

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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Now Let Me Ask You One More Question If I May...

So you can get on exploring 'how to change my life?' without the slightest delay!

Is there anything you see in that landscape deep within; that prevents you from achieving your heart’s desire to win? Do you see any obstacle or failure in the way? How pure is this desire of yours - are there any dragons to slay? Is the journey itself a fulfillment of your purpose? Does the question 'how to change my life?' start to bring your truth to surface?

Congratulations, once again, for realizing the limitlessness of your true desire of souls. You’ve just connected with the warrior within - your very own champion of goals. This is your faithful and loyal companion within; it will carry you through it all - the thick and the thin.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

Now It's Time to Travel Out From Within...

Stepping out into the world to realize your aim - suddenly obstacles, fears and challenges appear in the game. How to change my life? You start to question and doubt; is this really what my life is about? The warrior within is gallant and true; but you start to wonder - is that really you?

Motivation waxes and wanes - it comes and it goes. The mind is full of illusions, fears and doubts - which easily blocks what otherwise flows. Motivation is key to achieving what you want, but where does it come from and where does it go?

The warrior within is asking - it wants you to know!

The mind loves to take you from one extreme to the next. How to stay the course when we're so flustered and perplexed! Your deepest motivations - where are they to be found? Is the landscape of the mind really built on solid ground?

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

How to Change My Life Is About Stepping Out of The Mind...

Stepping out of the mind isn’t conventional, that’s true. But does inspired life change really care about convention, just between me and you? We can try to work with the mind to find the life motivation we’ve lost; or we can step out of the mind, an important threshold to be crossed.

Motivation is the bread and butter of inspired life change - true. Without it we'll never get very far; we'll never see our life changes through. The warrior within is awake and wants us to wake up too!

As you boldly cross those thresholds, the invisible barriers of the mind; you find your soul and spirit waiting, you're no longer flying blind. Once again, at last, you're well on your way;  'how to change my life?' is the path, to lead you where it may.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

Now that 'how to change my life?' has been transformed from a question into a way; isn't it high time to bring your warrior out to play? There may very well be a dragon or two to slay. OK!

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