Inspired Goal Setting
for Meaningful Life Change


Inspired goal setting is important. For one, inspiring goals are easier and more fun to achieve than uninspiring ones. They give our effort deep meaning. Secondly, pursuing goals touched by inspiration lead to a path of self-development and realization.

What is an Inspired Goal?

A goal is a statement of intent. It's a way to identify vague desires that may be floating around in the back of the mind - and make them clear. A goal takes something we want and turns it into something we intend to have. Goals serve as a bridge between imagination and actualization.

An inspired goal is first and foremost innately motivating. If you find yourself struggling to get motivated to achieve your goal - your goal just isn't an inspired one.

Inspiration has motivation - built in. Inspired goal setting pays attention not only to the goal - but, first and foremost, to the person behind the goal.

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The Person Behind the Goal

Smart goal setting can be a powerful tool, yet a tool is only as effective as the person who wields it. For effective goal setting we need to study the craft, but more importantly, we need to attend to the person behind the goals. That's where the power lies.

So keep the following tips in mind as you make your way...

Tips for Inspired Goal Setting

  • You are the master. 

    You are the master. Goal setting is a mere tool. Never allow yourself to become enslaved to your plan or your goals. Change with change. Be creative. Be flexible - adapt. This is inspired goal setting.

  • Love your goal.

    Don't confuse obligation with commitment. Pursuing goals from a sense of obligation, as in 'I must' or 'I have to', is a sure way to suck all inspiration right out of you. This isn't commitment, it's obligation.

    Commitment, on the other hand, comes quite naturally when pursuing goals that you love. Inspired goal setting means loving your goals. This will make you virtually unstoppable in pursuing and achieving them.

  • Be humble. Allow the synchronicity of life to unfold. 

    Life operates in mysterious ways. Remain open to where it might lead. Having goals doesn't mean shutting your eyes to changes that life may present. At times, these very changes create an opening - an opportunity if you will - to allow your goal to unfold in a more powerful, seamless way. 'Our way or the highway' is a sure way to miss out. What a shame.

    Life is intelligent and so are we. Inspired goal setting means remaining alert and aware in pursuing our goals. It means being watchful...ever on the look out for the magic - the synchronicity of life. You just never know what might come your way.

  • Honor the journey. 

    Smart goal setting has you clarify and focus on results. Yet, it's the journey that gets you there. If the end result is the last page of a book, then the journey are the chapters. What would a good book be without them?!

    The journey is what life is made of. Results - however big or seemingly important - are fleeting moments in time. They are a culmination - an exclamation mark at the end of a beautifully constructed sentence.

    Yet, it's the sentence that carries the message - the true meaning of your life. Goals are valuable so far as they give added meaning to our journey. Not the other way around! Inspired goals means recognizing this truth to the core. It means knowing that the honor is in the journey. The destination will also be there.

There you have it. A few tips for keeping inspiration alive in your goal setting journey. Inspired, you'll be walking your unique evolutionary pathway in deed. You'll be stepping right out-of-the-mind and into your life change of choice.

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