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The beauty of an inspired personal evolution system is that it not only helps you change - it helps you evolve. While a self improvement system is great if you want to make progress on a straight line; a personal evolution method promotes leaps and bounds. It's about jumping from one level of being to the next. Revolutionary life change really isn't complicated; but perhaps a bit complex.

Principles of An Inspired Personal Evolution System

"Progress never moves in a straight line. It's a spiral pathway, now going, now returning, holding on and letting go, winning and losing, giving and receiving."

~Dennis Augustine

A central tenet of any personal evolution system you may create for yourself, or follow, is alignment with natural principles and laws of change. Instead of setting up an antagonistic relationship with change, a personal evolution method seeks to align with the powers of nature to bring about the inspired life changes and personal growth you want. 

If there's one natural law of change, it's that life is always changing. Life is a dynamic flow, never a stagnant pond. Use the following natural principles to ride this dynamic and creative force into the inspired life changes and transformation you're after ...

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  • Interdependent!

    Mind and body, thoughts and actions, habits and character - destiny. All inter-related - dependent on one another. Change one thing in this karmic chain - and you've changed everything - the whole cycle of life is affected. This principle can be used to your benefit or to your detriment. You can climb an upward spiral of inspired life change, growth and evolution; or you can feed into a descending spiral - devolving just the same. This is the impartial principle of interdependence.

  • Aware!

    Awareness is your natural intelligence. It's what contains all of the various aspects of yourself and your life and it has a bearing on them all. Thoughts, emotions, your body, your mind - all are contained within a field of awareness. Awareness holds the key to life on so many levels. To step out of the mind is to become more aware - for the veils of the mind are what keep awareness at bay. Stepping into awareness and out of the mind can be an extremely rewarding life-long practice. The more aware you become, the more life you're able to live. 

  • Proactive!

    "To be or not to be ... ", William Shakespeare has you ask. An inspired personal evolution system poses a similar, related question to ask yourself: Are you going to be proactive or reactive living out your life? Are you going to side with fate or reach for destiny? Are you going to commiserate with circumstance; or are you going to create your own circumstance? Are you going to close your eyes tight shut; or are you going to bravely open them to face where you're going? Are you going to live consciously, by choice; or are you going to live unconsciously, by default? The opportunities are endless; the choice - yours. What's it going to be? 

  • Cause & Effect (Response Ability)!

    Nothing escapes the law of cause and effect. In fact, it's cause and effect that allows for evolution to unfold. Animals evolve in response to environmental changes. The environment is the cause - evolution the effect. What causes are going to be the thrust to your own personal evolution? What 'environmental' influences - in the form of people, ideas, information, physical locale, cultural norms - do you want to bring in to help shape you? What pressures do you want to bring to bear on yourself or your life to help instigate the inspired life changes you're after?

  • Open Ended!

    An inspired personal evolution system is open ended. It knows where it starts but it doesn't necessarily know where it ends. That's because you are here - now. The future - your future - is yet to be told. To limit possibilities of self-development, personal growth and inspired life change to merely what you're currently capable of imagining - is to underestimate the magic and power of life. Why box yourself in? Better ... no, best to leave things open. Allow for the unexpected. Allow for possibilities you may not have imagined. Make an allowance for the magic of synergy - a compounding power all of its own.  

An Inspired Friend You'll Meet As You Make Your Way

Perhaps more than anything else, an inspired personal evolution system is a synergy.

Reading one page on this inspired life change website, for example, may very well have a positive effect on your life, however small. Read a few more pages and see how your insight starts building upon insight. Visit frequently and you find a snowball effect beginning to occur. Motivation and positive momentum towards life change is no longer a struggle, but a real pleasure.

Incremental, linear progress may now begin to take shape as evolutionary leaps and bounds. It isn't magic - although the feeling is magical. It's none other than synergy in action. Every insight you have, every fresh bit of self-knowledge you gain, every bold action you take or new habit you develop - feeds into the whole of your efforts.

Your investment in yourself starts paying interest. The powerful forces of momentum start carrying you forward. Like a snowball rolling down a hill - your initial efforts begin attracting more and more of the same, with less and less effort on your part.

Before you know it you've entered a self-perpetuating upward spiral of inspired life change. Self-development and personal growth are a natural part of this journey.

So as you start your journey - as you begin your ascent - never forget that the dear friend and travel companion of synergy will be meeting you up the path. Set your gaze on this life changing friend, work towards it and don't let up until you see your investment of passion, time and energy exponentially rewarded. Use the principles of a personal evolution system to get you there.

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