Can You Change?
Your Life May Depend On It!


Can you change? Think carefully on your answer... life itself may depend on it. We've all been privy to uninspiring stories of people who couldn't bring themselves to change - even when not changing meant they'd face the most dire of circumstances. The person after a heart attack who fails to make changes to their lifestyle; the smoker who continues to feed on cigarettes as if their life still depended on it (which it does of course).

What is it about long-term life change that we find so challenging? Why is it that even when facing the most extreme consequences we still have to wonder: 'Can I change? Can I bring about the positive life changes I'm after?' What holds you back from changing yourself and your life? Is it because you can't? Is it because you won't? Or is it perhaps something else entirely...

Can You Change Your Life Without Changing Yourself?

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be."

~John Wooden

Let's start with the obvious answer to this question...

"Yes! Of course I can change my life without changing myself. After all, people do it all the time..."

We quit smoking, become self employed, start exercising, go on diets, begin eating healthy. We change careers, relationships and locations of residence. Sometimes we may even change our habits and ways of operating in the world.

And we do all of these without necessarily undergoing fundamental changes in ourselves.

The way we see and think stay the same. 

But for how long?

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For How Long Can You Change?

Without a fundamental shift in ourselves, we may change our life - yes. But for how long?

How long do these life changes last before we find ourselves reverting back to 'same old, same old'? How many diets have we been on? How many exercise routines have we tried and ditched? How many new year resolutions have we kept? How many times have we tried to turn our life around only to end up exactly where we started, or worse?

Is it any wonder at all that we sometimes question our ability to change?!

How many false starts do we need before we realize something is off? How many more do we need in our future before we start doing things differently for a change? 

What's Missing?

I may have successfully changed my life - at least for a while. Yet, before long I realize I'm standing on thin ice. Cracks are beginning to appear in the new landscape I've created. It's only a matter of time before the ice gives in and I land back on the foundation underneath.

I may have changed my life - superficially - yet I hadn't changed in the process. No real evolution took place. Landing back on my foundation I realize it hadn't changed one bit. And here I am - once again - my old ways of thinking and seeing things, still in place.

The reality of walking a life changing path (of any kind) is that motivational highs come and go. Will power tires. Focus blurs. When these things happen, we tend to fall back to our foundation. We revert back to the core - to a self, as of yet, unchanged. We realize that change for life must begin with us.

What if we could make some changes at the core? How would things be different for us then?

Core Changes for You and Your Life

What does fundamental life change mean? How do we know that we've changed and evolved at the core?

Imagine going through life wearing a particular pair of eye-glasses. The lenses may be tinted black, causing you to see everything in a darker shade than they actually are. Or perhaps the lenses are tinted pink, creating somewhat of the opposite effect. Perhaps the lenses are colored somewhere in between.

The color of the lenses doesn't really matter. The important point is that the glasses color everything you see and do in life. And the kicker is that you aren't even aware that you're wearing them!

Then one day everything changes. The glasses are knocked off - even if for a moment - and you're treated to a glimpse of things as they are. At that very moment - although it may take time to realize it - you've changed. For real this time.

You've seen things differently. You realize - there and then - that real, fundamental change is not only possible - but near. Seeing things differently for the first time opens up unexpected pathways to thinking about things differently as well.

Although the glasses may imperceptibly fall back into place, there's really no turning back. You're eyes have been opened. You've changed fundamentally - at the core.

And from here on in more changes are in store.

'Can You Change' Has Just Been Transformed...

Now that your eyes have been opened it becomes possible to anchor your vision for positive life change to that place inside. The warrior within has awakened. You know you can change and that your life can change too - sometimes in an instance.

You become motivated. You become driven. You become inspired in a way you've never been before.

You are aware.

Freshly committed to inspired life change there's very little that now gets in your way. Beneficial thinking is encouraged and invited in. Detrimental or counter productive thinking is shown the way out. What refuses to leave the vicinity of the mind is transformed.

No longer stuck in the status quo - your mind is ready for change and you are primed for transformation.

Instead of waiting for transformation to unfold - you realize that you have become the transformer. Self transformation has just taken on a whole new meaning.

Flexibility and Adaptation

Flexibility of thought and action have become key intentions in your life. Adaptation is now the word of the day - coming from the full realization that very little (if anything) cannot be adapted to pull you further up your evolutionary spiral of progress.

You are now of the conviction that there is always a way - up, over, below, around or through anything that otherwise presents as an insurmountable obstacle. If you haven't found the way forward - yet - is the only word that comes to mind. Overcoming resistance to change is no longer a question of 'if' but 'when'.

The question, 'can you change?' has now been answered in full and beyond a shadow of a doubt. With no more hesitation holding you back, the warrior within turns its gaze to the horizon. Challenge and adventure are in store. The warrior within is ready for more...

Pathways Forward

Can you change? Can you change your life?

With the clear answer to these questions fully behind you, another question is free to come into focus. The question is how? 

How to change? How to change your life?

No longer held back by nagging doubts your focus now shifts to particulars. How do you actually go about stepping into the life changes you want? Is there a clear path to take? Is there some guidance to follow?

These are exciting times.

You'll want to discover and uncover every possible way to keep removing those color tinted glasses from your eyes - so as to see clearly again. You'll want to bathe your eyes in real light - so that you can create inspired life change from that. You'll want to continue to evolve - removing anything and everything that still has the audacity to stand in your way.

Your journey towards inspired life change has really begun.

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