Deep Thought Provoking
Questions on Breaking Habits


Deep, thought provoking questions on breaking habits helps loosen the grip of the mind on habits and see things in different ways. It helps us understand ourselves, and our mind, at a deeper level so that we can ease the struggle we have with changing habits.

Stepping Out of the Mind With Habits

Habits are containers of energy. They contain portions of our life force and direct it in predictable, habitual ways. This creates a pattern for our life.

Yet, what if the pattern is something we want to change? What if our habits are sending our very life force in directions we don't really want to go?

Our habitual thoughts, words and actions build character and lead to destiny (from the word 'destination'). They shape a pathway we walk on. Habits are an important force in our lives.

Yet, the most exciting thing about habits is not the power they have - but the power we have to change them. Habits focus and channel us. Taking full responsibility for this power we take aim at positive change. 

We can step out-of-the-mind to create habits anew. We can build new pathways that better align with our true purpose and direction in life. These thought provoking questions about habits can help...

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Thoughtful Questions on Changing Habits

Following below are some deep, thought provoking questions on breaking habits...

Could breaking a habit be an easy thing to do? What makes breaking a habit difficult?

Can we break a habit just by deciding to do so?

Is it possible to break a habit without changing our underlying thinking? Is it possible to break a habit without establishing a new habit to replace it with?

Is there a strong connection between physical habits and mind habits? Is it possible to change physical habits without changing our habits of thought?

We can't touch, hear, smell, taste or see thoughts - they are ephemeral. So why is it difficult to reshape our habitual thought patterns?

What is it that keeps our habits in place? Why do we usually find breaking habits a difficult challenge?

Is it possible that the whole difficulty in breaking a habit can be traced back to a thought? What if we change that thought, or simply resolve to ignore it - what happens to our habit then?

If we really want to get rid of a habit, what is stopping us? Is it really our 'weak willpower' that is to blame?

Is it possible that the reason we find it difficult to break a habit is simply because we actually want to keep the habit, but will feel less guilty of keeping the habit if we know we at least 'tried' to break it?

What does having weak willpower really mean? Do we have weak willpower when it comes to following through on things we really want to do?

Shouldn't a bad habit be easier to get rid of than a good habit? After all, we want the best for ourselves, don't we?

Is it possible to 'die psychologically' to a habit we want to break - never to revisit that habit again since it is dead to us? What would it take to find out?

Do I believe on some level that quitting a bad habit will wreak havoc with my life? Could it be easier and far less painful than I imagine?

In what ways can breaking the habit be easy? How will life become easier without the bad habit? How will life become better with the new habit you will put in it's place?

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