Deep Thought Provoking Questions on Character Strength


Deep thought provoking questions on strength of character can help to reflect on character on how to cultivate it to better our life. A component of character is handed to us at birth, yet we have a lot of influence over the character we develop and the kind of person we become. 

Stepping Out of the Mind for Character

Character has more to do with action than it does with thinking. Yet, action and thinking are closely intertwined. The habits of the mind influence the actions of the body. 

Character building is a mind and body affair.

Over-thinking, or worrying too much about things we can't control, weakens us. Character building is done through resisting these mental habits. Character needs resistance in order to grow strong.

Every time we step out-of-the-mind - character benefits. In this way even 'bad mind habits' become good for us.

By nurturing an effective relationship with thought, we use it to shape character and step towards destiny. Character strength, positive life change and fulfillment naturally result.

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Thoughtful Questions on Strength of Character

Deep thought provoking questions on character strength follow below...

Is character strength part of our genetic makeup or is it something that we can choose to forge and shape throughout our life?

How can I cultivate strength of character, or character strength?

Is difficulty and challenge a necessary element in developing character strength? How about comfort and security?

Is eustress (a positive form of stress) an important element in building character strength?

How about negative (destructive) stress - can it also help us build character strength? In what way?

Does character strength spring naturally out of hardship, or is it possible to have lived a hard life without having strength of character to show for it?

What is the number one thing I can introduce into my life right now that will help me build strength of character in the most powerful way?

How do I know when my character is becoming stronger? What are some sure signs of a strengthening character?

Why is character strength even important? What other benefits come from character strength?

How does strength of character influence the level of satisfaction, fullfilment and happiness I experience in my life?

Who can I use as a role model to help me embody the strength of character I would like to possess?

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