Six Mind Habits We Do Very Well to Master


Mind habits are a powerful influencing force in life. As you aim to master your habits of mind, you find yourself becoming more effective at everything you do. Mastering habits of the mind is about taking control back into your own hands - your mind is a servant after all.

The Six Mind Habits to Master

Whether currently working for you or against you, there's no denying the power of habit. Habits of mind are especially potent since they touch and influence so many aspects of your life. They're at the root of all manner of inspired life changes you may want to make.

The ability to step out of the mind - to develop new ways of thinking and doing while leaving old patterns behind - is key to this mastery. Adaptability is vital to inspired life change. It enables you to CHASE your dreams.

You need to know you can change - even though you may have failed at change many times over. Inspired life change and transformation is always only a step out of the mind away. This step is always available and doable. It just takes some practice and knowing how. After all, life change takes skill - not only aspiration.

These are the six habits of mind to master: 

  • Clinging To Our Comfort Zone

  • Fear of Fear

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Black & White Thinking

  • Perfectionism and Procrastination

Mind habits can't be eliminated - since they lay so close to the root of the mind. The hope and challenge is to work with your mind to reshape your habits. Take this opportunity to shine a light on these habits of the mind - familiarize yourself with them, examine them, understand them and see how they operate and influence your life.

Get to know yourself. Get to know your mind. Inspired life change is what you'll find.

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Clinging to Your Comfort Zone

Are you comfortable? This is what your mind wants to know. Seeking comfort is a very powerful mind habit, and for good reason. Clinging to your comfort zone is the first of the six mind habits you do well to master.

It should be said that a certain level of comfort, safety and security is essential for inspired life change and powerful personal growth to take place. To venture into the unknown, where expansion and life change reside, you'll need a strong platform to launch yourself from. You need a place you can call home; a place you know you can fall back on to replenish.

If you lack this fundamental base then your first priority should be to create it in your life. Without such a foundation to operate from you'll have difficulty facing the challenges of change. You won't have the strength, will or desire to put your comfort zones to the test.

Once you've established this secure foundation - don't forget to use it for what it's meant for - to allow you to venture with strength and self-assurance into the unknown bringing back new found knowledge, skills and experience.

This is the dynamic balance to maintain for inspired life change and optimal personal growth. You need a base of comfort and security, but that isn't the goal. Like pounding spikes into a cliff face to ascend to greater heights, you use your current comfort zones to boost you to the next level of inspired life change. 

You know you're being mastered by your comfort zones when... 

  • Life becomes so predictable - you haven't experienced a new positive emotion for ages. You don't remember the last time you surprised yourself. You feel stagnant and in a rut.

  • You seem to be comfortable and secure, but you also feel stifled. You know you need to move on or do something, but you don't.

  • Life is no longer a wonder to be lived; it becomes something to be endured. Life feels lifeless and you find yourself wondering often about the point or meaning of it all.

  • You lose touch with the enlivening aspects of fear. You turn away from it instead of leaning into it, following it, facing it.

You know you're mastering your comfort zones when... 

  • You're excited about the future and the changes you know are coming your way.

  • You start seeing comfort zones as stepping stones instead of a permanent residence.

  • You have a reserve of strength, energy and willpower to pursue the positive life change you want or envision.

  • You become very good at identifying your relationship with comfort and know when to pursue it and when to break out of it.

  • Your life isn't stagnant because you alternate between periods of comfort/replenishment and challenge/growth.

Mind Habits Take Root in the Subconscious Mind

Working with habits of mind is a profound path to inspired life change and self-development. The power of mind habits resides beneath the threshold of conscious awareness - in the subconscious mind.

Usually mind habits are brought to conscious awareness through the effects and influence they are having on your life. You may experience them negatively as barriers, obstacles or 'drag' to your achievements and goals. Struggle ensues as you try to fight and push through them.

Yet, habits of mind aren't easily thwarted. And they don't respond very kindly to being bullied through will. In fact, they're much more amenable to persuasion than force. Yet persuasion takes skill, a skill you may not yet have had the chance or inclination to develop.

The skill is in working intimately with the powers of your very own subconscious mind. There are many mind tools you can use to assist you on your journey.

Other Habits of Mind You May Do Very Well to Master...

The fear of fear 

Comparing yourself to others 


Perfectionism and Procrastination 

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