Deep Thought Provoking Questions on Victim Mentality

Deep thought provoking questions on victim mentality points a revealing finger at the victim within. The inner-victim doesn't like to be pointed at however. It would rather continue operating behind the scenes. Asking ourselves powerful questions helps bring the victim within to light.

Stepping Away from Victim Mentality

An inner-victim lives within you - it lives and hides within the recesses of the mind. Undetected and unchecked, it will sabotage your efforts at personal growth and positive life change. The victim within will try to dissuade us from the adventurous journey of stepping out-of-the-mind.

The victim within is threatened by change - no matter how positive the change may be. It will fight for homeostasis, for inertia. It will put all it's efforts into defending the status quo. The victim within regards us as weaker, and less capable, than we actually are. 

Stepping out-of-the-mind is a job for the warrior, not the victim, within. You cannot climb altitudes while carrying the weight of the world on your back. Rest assured that the victim within will be of little use to you where you're headed. Might as well start today with leaving it behind.

Thoughtful Questions on
Victim Mentality - The Victim Within

Below you'll find a collection of thought provoking questions on victim mentality. Use them to reflect and to banish victim thinking from your life...

Is a victim mentality something we are born with or is it something that we learn?

What does it mean to think like a victim or to have a victim mentality? Is it possible that even the bravest and most courageous of people are guilty of harboring victim thinking from time to time?

Do I ever fall prey to the victim thinking? When and how does it most often happen to me? In what situations or circumstances? What are the triggers?

Why are we so often seduced into a victim mindset? Is there anything appealing about entertaining a victims point of view?

What are some plausible benefits of adopting victim thinking? In what ways can it make us feel more safe? In what ways can it serve to protect us from discomfort?

What systematic self improvement ideas & techniques can I use to walk away from victim thinking?

Is a warrior mentality compatible with a victim mindset or are they mutually exclusive? What would it take to start adopting one in favor of the other?

If I think that there's nothing to be done about my victim thinking...isn't this victim thinking itself?

How much of my current thinking serves to keep victim thinking in place? What kind of thinking do I need to adopt in order to push victim thinking right out-of-the-mind?

Is pushing victim thinking right out of the mind an aggressive intention? Is there any harm in this intent?

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