Having an Attitude of Gratitude
Is to End Victim Mentality


Having an attitude of gratitude means putting an end to the victim within. Fortunately feeling grateful and feeling victimized are a lot like oil and water - they don't mix. Fill your mind with one and there'll be little room for the other and vise versa.

Everyday Victim Mentality

Lapsing into victim mentality happens more often than we may realize or care to admit.

'Why did this happen to me?', 'Life is so unfair', 'I deserve better and am entitled to it', 'Why does life have to be so hard?', 'Why can't everyone just get along and be nice?', 'When am I going to get my chance?', 'Everyone's out to get me', etc.

These are a few examples of the inner-talk typical of the victim within. This inner-talk isn't always easy to detect since most of it takes place within the subconscious mind, evading our conscious awareness. That's how the victim within influences and controls us from behind the scenes.

A powerful first step towards eliminating victim mentality from our life is to become aware of this inner-talk. Then we have a chance to counter it. Having an attitude of gratitude can help.

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A Victim Is Never Satisfied

The essence of everyday victim mentality is the feeling of never having enough. Actually, it's more than that - it's the feeling of never being enough. To a mind obsessed with victim thinking there is never enough time, never enough money, never enough love, never enough respect, never enough forgiveness, etc.

The victim within always feels under attack by what it does not yet have. A victim mindset is rooted in lack. It's never satisfied. More is always needed.

How Far Away Is the Satisfaction We Seek?

So when do we get to finally have enough? Is it once our hopes for the future are realized? Is it when we secure the relationship of our dreams, earn the money we want, have as much free time as we could hope for? Is this when we'll finally be able to stand up and say, "Enough is enough. I'm content."

We need to take an honest look and ask ourselves ... Is the inner-victim ever going to be satisfied with these things? Is it ever going to be satisfied period?

Everyday victim mentality hangs on need. It's the habit of being needy. This is the polar opposite of what a warrior mentality consists of. A victim-free mindset can desire or prefer; yet, it can also readily do without. A victim-free mind is ready to adapt. The habit of neediness, on the other hand, is inflexible to an extreme. It has to be satisfied or else!

No matter what our achievements or good fortune may be, we'll never be content so long as we're deeply invested in neediness - in always wanting more. The only way to cultivate a deep sense of contentment in life, is to deal directly with the victim within. We need to wean ourselves off of victim think.

Victimized or Revitalized by Life?

With the feeling of lack, so often comes a feeling of being victimized by life. We want to know why? Yet, isn't that strange? Isn't it strange to feel victimized by the very thing that sustains us and gives us our life in the first place? We possess something so powerful and raw - the creative power of life - yet we seem to reflexively revert into a mindset of lack.

To the point that it's become habit.

Feeling like we'll never have enough is a subtle betrayal of our natural instincts. The truth is that without the habit of thinking in lack - without the influence of the victim within - we realize how much we do have. We realize enough in the here and now. With this self-sufficient mindset we're in the best place to create the future we want from a vantage point of strength rather than desperation.

Having an attitude of gratitude reconnects us with our natural, inborn powers. It's to remember who we are, lest we continue feeling sorry for ourselves or bemoaning our lot.

Use One to Repel the Other

Having an attitude of gratitude and indulging the victim within don't mix. We experience one or the other, but never both at once.

This is great news for eliminating victim mentality by bringing more gratitude into our lives. We need not address the victim directly. Neediness will perish on it's own by filling our days with gratitude.

Feeling needy and victimized - gratitude has no place to enter. Feeling grateful - we leave neediness and victimization out in the cold. If you want to eliminate victim thinking from your life then having a strong attitude of gratitude will do it. These tips for developing the attitude of gratitude can help.

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