Best Friends Stranded On An Island

by Summer

My best friend and I were stranded on an island. Pushed to our limits we ended up in a fight and I ended up smacking my friend across the face and knocking him down.

While he was down he wrote in the sand, "Today my best friend smacked me."

My friend recovered and later on that day took a swim in the ocean - where he started to drown. I jumped into the sea and saved him. My friend, looked for the biggest rock he could find and carved out the following words, "Today my best friend saved my life."

I had to ask my friend, "Why before in the sand and now on a rock?" This is what he said to me, which I will never forget...

"Because writing it in the sand means it can be erased and washed away into the water and forgotten; but when you saved my life I carved it on a rock so that the water, nor anything else, could erase it. Because it is not meant to be forgotten, or erased."

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Aug 31, 2011
Choose Wisely
by: Out-of-the-Mind Self Improvement and Motivation

Hello Summer,

What a beautiful story! With such a powerful lesson...

I guess real friendship or being true friends has a lot to do with knowing when to carve our thoughts and emotions in stone or in the sand.

In the moment of truth we need to choose wisely.

Carving on stone shapes not only our friendship, but very character, for years to come. Carving in the sand, we are essentially saying that it's ok for these things to come and go. It symbolizes our willingness - even eagerness - to forgive.

What we choose to set-in-stone says a lot about who we are and who we are choosing to become.

By carving out transgressions in the sand and virtues in rock - we strengthen and grow true and enduring friendship that can withstand anything. We also take a stand for the future person we want to become.

So choosing wisely in this regard - is to be of great service - both to our friendship and to ourselves.

This is one of the true gifts of real friendship so beautifully illustrated in your story. It has the power to make us better than we could ever be without it. Being a true friend can't help but make us grow.

Thanks for sharing!

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