Extreme Enemies Become Friends For Ever

by Thakur Bhanu Pratap

Hi, this is Thakur Bhanu Pratap (aka Friends For Ever Ssxt Prince). I am sharing my real friendship experience with my Bangladeshi friend Xoana Tayeba. Two years ago me and Xoana were extremist enemies because we were from different religions. We met through a facebook post, where I saw Xoana's comment and I started teasing her about her religion. We became enemies.

Getting up one morning I decided that just for the fun of it, as a joke, I would send her a sweet good morning message. There is no way that I was expecting her to reply since up to this point I was abusive towards her and was against her religion too. To my utter surprise, she replied to me in a very humble way, with a very nice wish.

Then this became our habit of sending messages to each other every morning. We shared our thoughts about friendship, religion & country. Her way of talking changed my thinking about her religion.

We kept writing each other every morning for 3 months and than I sent her a friend request on Facebook. She accepted & slowly, as time went by, we became good friends. Every morning we used to talk before even having our breakfast. Sometimes it was the first thing we did after opening our eyes & our moms used to shout on us because of this habit.

Everyone knows some people don't like good things happening around them, and that's what happened with us. Some of our friends from my group & her group didn't like our friendship. They were jealous of us because we were together as best friends. Many people from both sides tried to break our friendship but our bond of trust was stronger than their lame tricks & narrow minded thinking.

We fought against our own friends who were against me & Xoana. We lost many people's friendship, we didn't talk with our own best friends who were against us. Now we had promised each other, a promise of being FRIENDS FOREVER, and that we won't break our friendship. We said that if we have to face any problem we will face it together. People were making fun of us but we didn't care.

One day I got angry at her on some issue and we were no longer friends. I was really feeling bad that once I have promised for being her friend forever and now I was fighting with her. Anyhow, I managed to talk with her and again we became friends.

We have completed 2 years of our friendship. Now we don't have that much time as she is busy in studies and I am busy in my job, but still, we talk everyday. We really miss those moments when we used to talk early morning...

Many people say we are in love, but we think that a true friend is often times better than a lover. Still, many people are jealous of our friendship and try to break it, but we don't let them. No one can break this beautiful relation of friendship because we trust each other more than our own life.

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Dec 28, 2011
True Friendship
by: Evolutionary Pathways

Hi Thakur,

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story! So many wars between people have been fought in the name of religion. When people from different religions who used to consider themselves enemies, suddenly become friends, it is a real inspiration and message of hope to others. This is especially true when people around you aren't making it easy!

True friendship is a special bond that sees beyond the boundaries of race or religion. True friendship goes beyond superficial judgement of differences. Your story is a real life example of that. When two hearts connect in friendship, what is important is brought to the fore, and what is less important fades away into the background.

I want to commend you for sticking with what you feel is right and true, despite the resistance around you. A special bond of friendship is one of the strongest things in the world; yet, it is also fragile. It needs the protection of strong hearts.

If your friends, or hers, can't be happy for you in your new found friendship, you are good to recognize that it is truly their problem, not yours. They will either come around, or drop out of your life. If they truly care about you then they will be happy in your happiness - because that's what a real friend does.

Thanks again for sharing your true friendship story here. I think that many people will be touched by it. All the best to you and your friend and good luck!

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