Your Angle Produces Your Perspective

by Terrance G.
(Atlanta Ga.)

My name is Terrance Green and I am extremely grateful that you made this information accessible to the public.

To consolidate my take on the substantive subject of the Ego - I have always said and continue to say that we are not our thoughts or feelings. The real me has the ability to question thoughts and feelings.

In a nutshell, we are the referee or the arbitrator, holding our thoughts and feelings in a court of law so to speak! Thanks.

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Mar 29, 2013
The Ego And The Judge
by: Evolutionary Pathways

Hello Terrance,

Thank you for your feedback and contribution to this site - much appreciated.

Your analogy of holding our thoughts and feelings as if in a court of law is a good one in terms of conveying the objective distance that can be achieved between our true inner self and the temporary thoughts and emotions that fleet through our body and mind.

When we forgo this objective distance, or fail to attend to our mind with awareness, it is easy to lose sight of everything else but our own personal take on things. Reality and ego become mixed up.

We lose perspective. We become reactive. Being proactive, after all, begins with the mind. This is where the power of meditation can be of use.

Meditation gives us the opportunity to observe our thoughts and emotions from a distance. By temporarily disengaging from the contents of our mind, we are reconnected with the primal and spontaneous energy that flows through us - we become true to self in a profound way.

Judgement and arbitration are better left out of this equation, since they tend to pull us back into involvement with thought. This is perhaps where the metaphor meets its limits in trying to define ego? Or perhaps this is where my own understanding of the metaphor meets its limits :-).

Thanks again for your thoughts and for your unique ego definition. Further comments and feedback are welcome.

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