A Motivational Creativity Poem for Life


This motivational creativity poem - like all other inspiring poems about creativity - will help activate your creative potential and awaken the dormant powers of your subconscious mind. Inspired life change and the warrior within is what you'll find.

An Inspired Creativity Poem for Stepping Out of the Mind

"Creativity is about liberating human energy."

~Howard Gardner

There is no mistaking it - we are creative beings you and I; so easy to forget as we may struggle, complain, moan and even cry. Don’t we know we’re naturally creative, resourceful and whole? Don’t we know we’re here to realize our dreams and our goal?

Fortunately the warrior within is there by our side; we can depend on the warrior to help take things in stride. As daily life every morning comes our way; the mind on its own is easily led astray.

We end up thinking, worrying, fearing about that or about this; we forget we’re all powerful creators of circumstance and bliss. Stepping out of the mind is point and essence that’s true; it’s what unites and inspires such souls as me and you.

Everything around us is created by our powerful mind; the world of nature is also created by the same power we find. Teeming life exists and in our subconscious resides; it is creative energy in the raw that ebbs and flows like the tides.

Harnessing such power is our dreams coming true; why are we afraid of this power that exists in me and you? Is it the sheer freedom and vitality of what we have deep inside? The warrior within wants to know - it’s our creative champion and guide.

What would happen if you fully embraced the creative powers of you? Would you stand as a creator of all that you think, say and do? What life would you live to reflect your soul true?

Creative creatures - we are born to build you and I; the mind may try to tell us otherwise - that we are victims, sigh. Fortunately, the warrior within is aware; it knows our impotence and limitations are one big, fat lie.


After all, don’t you want to live before you have to lay down and die? What do you want to create before you give your last breath to the sky?

 ~Composed by Eli (www.evolutionarypathways.com - All Rights Reserved)

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