An Inspirational Fear Poem


Enjoy this inspirational fear poem for stepping out of the mind! To conquer fear is to befriend the mind in kind...

An Inspirational Poem About Fear

"There has never been a greater illusion than fear. Fear exists only whilst you believe in it - whilst you fear it. So...stop believing, stop fearing. Set up a shadow inventory, write down all your fears and set out on your warrior path. Make this your life purpose and gold will be smelt from your terror."

~Geoff Thompson

There’s nothing inherently negative about the fears we feel. Fear can stop us in our tracks or spur us on to achieve a great deal. Our relationship with mind determines the odds; it has nothing to do with devils or gods.

If the mind is our source of untold trouble - we may fear the mind itself - fear has just become double. If, on the other hand, the mind has been gradually befriended; we’re on the right track - it’s where trouble ended.

Our relationship with mind determines fear’s fate. Will fear be a stepping stone on our path or will it become a kernel of hate?

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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