Hypnosis Facts and Fiction


Do you know the difference between hypnosis facts and fiction? Is hypnotism real, or is it just something for circus shows and con artists? The following article covers some of the myths of being 'hypnotized' and the corresponding truths behind working with the subconscious mind for personal growth, self-development and inspired life change.

Do Any of These Hypnosis Facts Sound Familiar?

The air of mystery surrounding hypnosis is easy to understand. After all, hypnosis deals with the internal, unseen world of the subconscious mind - a world that most of us are taught very little about.

How many of the following hypnosis facts surprise you? Is this what you thought hypnotherapy was all about? Let's explore shall we...

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Hypnosis Facts & Fiction #1: Hypnosis Leaves You 'Out of Control'

This is probably one of the biggest myths surrounding hypnosis perpetuated largely by movies and the mass media. Typically a person is invited on stage and is then hypnotized for the world to see. Usually these shows consist of strange commands made by the hypnotist, which the hypnotized person helplessly obeys.

Hypnosis Truths:

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool known to give you more freedom, not less. It is widely used as a tool to remove subconscious barriers or conditioning that otherwise prevent you from living to your full capacities.

Hypnosis works so well because it allows a communication to happen directly with the subconscious mind. Yet, you are completely awake and aware at the very same time. When working with instant self hypnosis downloads, for example, you use the audio to relax into the changes you want - completely bypassing the resistance that comes from using willpower to try to force the change you want.

Yet, within this relaxation you are fully present - not absent. In fact, it is you who is working collaboratively with the subconscious mind to bring about the changes you're after. Self hypnosis is a means to develop your skills at working directly with the power of the subconscious mind.

This is where hypnosis gets its real power from. The power comes from within. It comes from skillfully working with the powers of the subconscious mind towards a desired outcome. This is especially evident when using self hypnosis audios in the comfort of your own home and with no-one else around.

Hypnosis Facts & Fiction #2: Hypnosis Happens Only In Particular Settings

Hypnosis isn't usually recognized as something that we engage in on a regular basis. 'Hypnosis? Who, me?! I hardly even know what the word means!'

Hypnosis Truths:

The truth is that hypnosis is as natural to us as breathing. Hypnosis is to the subconscious mind what air is to your lungs: lungs without air and the subconscious mind without hypnosis simply don't function.

You can use hypnosis to work directly with your subconscious conditioning. Yet, the subconscious mind is already operating within you - absorbing messages from without and within  - and being conditioned by them as we speak. Right now you're either reinforcing your existing subconscious conditioning or introducing new conditioning - through your thoughts, spoken words and actions.

Hypnosis is so natural it can't really be avoided. The only thing we can do is to become aware of this powerful creative force and learn to utilize it to our benefit. Otherwise, if we're not careful, we may end up like the eagle who lived its whole life convinced it was a chicken.

The subconscious mind controls so many aspects of our lives, with all due respect to our conscious intentions. Yet, we can take back control by using our intention to work directly with our conditioning. In this way we ally ourselves with the powers within us - instead of ignoring, subduing or trying to overcome resistance through the sheer force of our will.

The subconscious mind is a powerful unseen force in your life. You either take control of it; or it takes control of you. When it comes to your subconscious mind power there really isn't any middle ground.

Hypnosis Facts & Fiction #3: Using Hypnosis Is to Mess With Nature

There is a tendency to view hypnosis as a manipulative tool which allows you, essentially, to mess with mother nature. Why change what nature has given you? After all, aren't you the way you are for a reason?

Hypnosis Truths:

The fact is that there's very little that's natural about the particular conditioning and programming you've been subjected to growing up. You may have been conditioned to believe things that may or may not be true. You may have been treated in ways that reflect your innate worth or in ways that demeaned it.

Many 'truths' you've internalized about yourself and about life aren't beyond examination or reproach. And they certainly aren't beyond changing - if they are indeed disortions of your truth, rather than truth itself.

Hypnosis is a tool for "unlearning what you've learned", borrowing a quote from the great Jedi master Yoda from the Star Wars movie series.

Rather than being a tool for messing with your nature, hypnosis actually helps you get back in touch with your nature. Conditioning can actually cause you to forget who you are. Hypnosis can help bring you back to yourself.

Rather than a tool for programming; I like to see self-hypnosis as a tool for liberation.

Hypnosis Facts & Fiction #4: 'I Can't Be Hypnotized'

There are some of us that seem to take more naturally to hypnosis than others. Usually these are the people that understand the 'logic' behind hypnosis and therefore eagerly give themselves over to this internal work. Those who feel they can't be hypnotized are usually suspicious of the process because they don't have a sense of how the subconscious mind operates.

Hypnosis Truths:

The fact of the matter is that each and every one of us has a subconscious mind primed for conditioning. We've all been conditioned by our upbringing and our environment. We've been conditioned by what we've picked up and learned along the way.

If hypnosis is the process of working to condition or recondition our subconscious mind - then we've all been hypnotized! The conscious application of self-hypnosis - as in knowingly and deliberately working with the subconscious mind to change our conditioning - is simply a matter of taking the power of conditioning into our own hands.

Whether we're aware of it or not, our subconscious mind is continuously being influenced and shaped through the power of 'hypnosis'. This isn't really a choice. The choice available to us is in exerting a modicum of control over the conditioning process.

Hypnosis Facts Can Change Your Life

As babies we pick up everything we are exposed to. The subconscious mind of a new born is a perfect sponge - there are no filters, or previous conditioning to interfere with absorption.

As adults we're more complex - we're to a large extent full of previous conditioning. We resist some ideas and flow with others. We have come to believe many things that may or may not be beneficial to us or ultimately even true.

Effective use of hypnosis for change is both an art and science - to be used creatively

The reality of hypnosis is quite simple. By taking full responsibility for our conditioning - the conditioning that's already taken place and the conditioning that's yet to come - we start welcoming inspired life change instead of fearing it.

As we slip on the earphones and give ourselves over to a self-hypnosis session, we're engaging in mind-body practice. We gain deeper insight into how we operate and learn how workable our mind really is. A strong sense of self-control and well-being are natural results.

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