Inspirational Thoughts for Change


Not all thought is created equal. Inspirational motivational thoughts can take us right out of the mind - our journey of self-discovery and positive life change has begun. The right inspiration - hitting the mind at exactly the right time - can cause leaps of personal evolution and understanding that otherwise could take years to accomplish. Motivating and inspiring thoughts are expanding forces of change and transformation. 

Changing My Life - One Inspirational Thought at a Time...

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Every action we take, or fail to take, can be traced back to a thought in the mind - its original inspiration. If only we could perceive this clearly in action...

...we may be able to give our lives some newly inspired traction.

We would create inspired pathways to life more consciously aligned. We would also sever the connections between thought and action that take us down roads as if we were blind.

Inspirational, motivational thoughts are powerful stepping stones on the karmic path of life change. Bathe your mind in their waters and your life will grow a new skin.

A Practical Way to Do It...

When you come across a thought, idea or provoking question that inspires you - that tugs at your heartstrings and invites you to step out of  the mind - take note. Literally. Write it down on a piece of paper or record it on your phone and carry it with you.

For a day, week, month or even years (depending on the profundity of the thought provoking questions or inspiring life quotes you're working with) make a point of revisiting the inspiration that chose you. What is it telling you? How is it guiding you? Where does it want you to go?

Explore the countless different ways you can creatively step into this inspiration in your daily life.

Live into the guiding inspiration you've found. Results will be profound.

Stepping Out of the Mind with Poetry and Rhyme

Another life affirming way to step out of the mind is through the medium of poetry and rhyme.

Instead of appealing to logic directly, poetry attacks the mind from an angle. Mind doesn't always see it coming - reason and rhyme intermingle and tangle.

Taking the mind by surprise is point and essence - it's wise. The little self-discovery e-book can do it - don't be fooled by its size!

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