Thought Provoking Poems About Happiness


We all want happiness, yet we don't always know how to get it. These thought provoking poems about happiness touch on this dilemma and help us see through to the essence of the authentic happiness we seek.

Inspired Poems About Happiness

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet."

~James Oppenhaim

Time, money, energy - is there anything we spare from the happiness we seek? If only we should be so lucky and get on a happy streak!

Yet what is this ‘butterfly’ of happiness really like? Flitting away when we try to catch it and drawing near when we leave it alone - psych!

Lost in a sunset…a tranquil walk on the beach; isn’t this close to the happiness we try to reach? Children at play…love reflected in another’s eyes. Don’t these things cause happiness to arise?

Yes, but these experiences of happiness fleet by. This doesn’t make us happy - we scream you and I! We don’t want happiness to leave, but stay put. We want a happiness to hold…to possess…we want happiness at foot. To capture happiness so that it never leaves - to do the impossible that everyone believes.

Surely we should ask from time to time of ourselves, ‘Is this authentic happiness I see? Is this the real butterfly - the animal itself - roaming free? Or perhaps a decoy has been throwing me off base? Could it be that a mere imitation I chase?’

The warrior within is after contentment, you see. Happiness is fleeting - up and down to a tee. Content and assured - self-centred thoughts swept away; happiness alights - but how long will it stay?

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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A Poem About Happiness and Negativity

Is negativity an obstacle to positive change and transformation? ‘It depends’, has been my honest observation. A big wooden log may a fire put out; yet it may also stoke the flames - do you have any doubt?

Negativity can come from within or without - as a quiet little voice or a great big shout. Inner negativity is brought on by the mind. Outer negativity comes from others, perhaps being unkind. Regardless of origin traced back to the source, we can control negativity to determine our course.

While inspired - negativity comes under control. It dies upon contact with our ignited soul. Filled to the brim with ideas good and fine; negativity takes flight, it might as well just resign!

The warrior within is content and true. Tap into its power and that will be you.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

A Poem About Happiness and Integrity

Happiness and integrity are linked. Like your left and right arm they are intricately synced. Authentic happiness is to be whole - not separated apart; bringing things together is a good place to start.

Life has integrity; it operates as one. Without thinking a bit, its happiness is won. We, on the other hand, are rarely united and whole; our thinking divides us - it separates our soul.

What of us and the illusive happiness we seek? Is it a simple misunderstanding or are things looking bleak?

With our thoughts pulling one way and our actions towards another; happiness eludes us, is it really a wonder? Bringing things together - stepping out of the mind for our soul; the warrior within is awakened, we once again become whole.

With everything within us pulling in a direction as one; is there anything to really stop us under the sun?

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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