Powers of the Mind -
How Are You Using Yours?


The powers of the mind can be used to build or they can be used to destroy. Ironically, both processes are part and parcel of the power of creation. To bring in the new we must make room for it by getting rid of the old. The creative power of the human mind is legendary and accessible to each and every one of us. It is how we use it that counts.

What Are You Creating?

Take a look around. Everything you see... cars, buildings, benches, lamp-posts, electrical wires, your iphone, the computer screen you're looking at right now, every man-made thing you see - began as a creative idea in someone's mind.

The mind loves to create. The powers of the mind help create and shape the world we live in. In fact, creativity comes so naturally to the mind that it is always creating something. Whether or not we are aware of our creations is another matter.

At any given point in time we're either thinking creatively or destructively; thinking positively or negatively. Both are part of the process of creation. Even when something is destroyed, it makes way for something new to grow in its place. If we destroy the positive, the negative will have room to grow. If we destroy the negative the positive will naturally take its place.

The World As We See It...

Give this little experiment a try...

Recall a negative experience you've had recently, the more recent and vivid the experience, the better. Let yourself re-experience the event. Allow your mind to flood with negative thoughts and emotions. Now, with your mind full of this negative energy, shift your focus of attention and look out at the world around you.

How does the world appear? Does it have a positive, negative or perhaps neutral 'color' to it? Are you feeling inspired and uplifted by what you see, or is it dragging you down? Does the world seem bleak or bright? Is it heavy or light?

Ok, time to clear your thoughts and emotions. Empty your mind of all negative imagery and feelings. Take a few long, deep breaths. Exhale all negativity on the out-breaths. Let every last bit of it out. Make sure all negativity is gone. Nothing left? Good.

Next, recall a positive experience you've had recently, the more recent and vivid the experience, the better. Allow your mind to be flooded with positive thoughts and emotions. Now, shift your attention and look out at the world around you.

How do things appear now? Do things have a different 'color' to them? Do you feel depressed by what you see or do things appear positive and hopeful? Do you feel like judging what you see or are you more inclined to be curious and feel a sense of wonder about it all?

What You See Is What You Get

Reality is colored by our state of mind, is it not? When is the last time you put your hand on a pile of negativity? When did you ever run your fingers through a positive flow of energy? Have you ever bumped into negativity on the street or looked positivity in the eye?

Negative and positive are first and foremost states of mind.

What we generate inside, will then be projected to the outside. How astounding! Could it be that what we 'see' when we look out onto the world, is in effect a powerful reflection of what is going on inside us? Put differently, could it be that what we are on the inside determines what we are able to see when we look around? Is this part of the creative dynamics of the powers of the human mind?

What We See And Who We Are

This new awareness of ourselves and of how the mind works is highly sobering, as it is encouraging. Imagine the possibilities for personal growth and conscious change inherent in this truth! If we can change our inner perceptions - we automatically change our external reality with it.

What we 'see', and 'who we are', aren't as independent as we may have been led to believe. By changing what we see internally, we change who we are externally. This is the logic, or rationale, behind the power of self-hypnosis. It is couched in the natural powers of the subconscious mind.

Power, Responsibility and Self-Development

Every moment of every day we are creating and recreating our internal reality - which has direct repercussions on how our external reality unfolds. Growth or destruction seems to cover the full range of choices we can make.

If this is the case our task is clear: we must take full responsibility for this process of creation. We must take full response ability for the awesome creative powers of the mind. This is conscious self-development and personal growth. This is proactivity at its best.

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