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Enjoy this inspirational relationship poem for life!

"My marriage had its ups and downs like anyone's, but when it came down to it, I knew it was solid. I miss that sort of connection with someone."

~John Scalzi

Relationships can be challenging arenas for self discovery to take place. Yet, at least they don’t involve rocket science or exploring outer space.

As if the challenge of understanding the self isn't enough; in relationship we try to understand another and deal with their stuff. The dynamic that evolves in-between - brings yet another layer of complexity to the scene. No wonder we experience some difficulties obscene!

Relationships are training grounds for the warrior within, no doubt. Otherwise we’d run kicking and screaming to get out. Despite the difficulty and level of challenge they bring; relationships are still marvellous things.

Sharing life with another - opens up worlds untold. It allows for new life, to take place and unfold. Seeing anew through another person’s eyes - before we know it is making us wise. Feeling anew through another person’s heart - we step outside of ourselves and get a fresh start.

Even as we make our way…as we stumble, blunder and fall; there’s really no denying it - the life-affirming wonder of it all!

How are relationships helping you step out of the mind? What does the warrior within want you next to find? Do you desire to see, experience and feel anew? There’s a relationship for that - yours to pursue.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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