An Inspiring Trust Poem


Enjoy this inspiring trust poem for stepping right out of the mind! Trust is essential to living and leaving our baggage behind...

An Inspirational Poem About Trust

To trust or not - it’s a fundamental choice in life. Should we trust a world that’s good or one based on strife? Can we trust ourselves to cope with anything life throws our way? Do we trust intuition and our gut-level feelings of the day?

We want to trust in the positive ways described above. Without it - stress and anxiety - they come, push and shove. Because we don’t trust, fear and hesitation are brought in; that’s why we so desperately need the warrior within.

Trust doesn't come easy to a calculating mind. Fortunately our warrior isn’t that hard to find. A step out of the mind is often needed for trust to take place - the warrior within invites us to inhabit that space.

~Composed by Eli ( - All Rights Reserved)

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