Accessing the Subconscious Mind for Inspired Life Change


Accessing the subconscious mind to counter negativity, build inner-strength and create inspired life change is powerful. But how is it done? How do you tap into your deep reservoirs of energy, motivation and inspiration to get at the life changes you're after? How to access the subconscious mind isn't hard. A bit of know-how and skill gets you on your way.

Accessing the Energy Behind Thought

"Subconscious practice is more important than conscious practice."

~Miyamoto Musashi

When it comes to personal development and life change, thoughts have been getting a lot of attention. Too much attention, in fact. While it's true that thoughts lead to words; words lead to actions; actions to habits; and habits to character and destiny; resulting attempts to focus on thought for inspired life change can be easily misguided.

What about the underlying energy behind thought? Nobody thinks about that! That's where the true power of life change resides. Accessing the subconscious mind is to directly access the power that's behind thought. It's to access the place that give thoughts their power.

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The Road to a Healthy Inner Life

Is the road to a healthy inner life paved with positive thoughts and good intentions? That depends. What's the foundation that the road is being built on? Is the foundation solid? Will it support the rocks and pavement you want to pour over it?

The foundation is the underlying energy that's your subconscious mind - it's the emotional base you're operating from. If the flow of this underlying energy is intensely negative - anxious, fearful, angry, depressed, etc. - it'll be hard to build positivity upon it. When a drop of water hits boiling oil, it evaporates instantly. Likewise, positive thoughts quickly evaporate when coming into contact with the 'hot oil' of your underlying energy and emotions.

That's the 'push back' you experience when trying to simply 'think' yourself into a better frame of mind. Here's what subconscious 'push back' looks like ... 

Negative Subconscious 'Push Back'

When positive self-talk meets negative conditioning, your positive message may have a hard time getting through. When it comes to inspired life change, your conditioned self and mind is more powerful than your thinking self and mind.

If, for example, you try to consciously affirm how lovable and worthy you are, your negative conditioning - already sitting there in your subconscious mind - may retort: "Come on! Who do you think you're kidding? It's me you're talking to and I know you - you're anything but worthy and lovable!"

Your conscious input and positive message gets immediately rejected by a negative emotional pattern already living in your subconscious mind. The water droplet has just evaporated into thin air! You've just experienced negative subconscious 'push back'.

Fortunately, subconscious 'push back' works both ways!

Positive Subconscious 'Push Back'

The flip side of the example above holds equally and powerfully true ...

When freshly introduced negative self-talk meets with underlying positive emotional energy, the negative message will have a hard time sinking in.

If, for example, you make a mistake and try to tell yourself how stupid and useless you are, your underlying emotional current may counter: "Come on! Who do you think you're kidding? I know you and you're anything but stupid or useless! You love mistakes - you always use them as stepping stones to reach higher." 

Accessing the subconscious mind is to take direct control of subconscious 'push back'. Obviously, the aim is to move from negative 'push back' territory, into positive 'push back' territory. This gives you true buoyancy in the face of negativity. It becomes your invisible armor in the face of life's challenges. 

Which still begs the question how to actually do it?! How to access the subconscious mind to instill the changes you want? How to actually get your overarching positive message through, so it can strengthen and support you through and through?

Accessing the subconscious mind, you'll need to get to know its language ...

Speaking a Language the Subconscious Mind Understands

So how to successfully affirm the best in the face of the worst? The best answer is, we don't. Why not change the worst first? We do this by directly accessing the subconscious mind. That's the fertile ground to work with.

To initiate successful dialogue with the subconscious mind you'll need to speak its language. But you'll need to use something other than words. Words are the language of the conscious, thinking mind. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, speaks in the vivid language of images, feelings, vitality. Words mean nothing to it unless they're translated into sensation and vivid imagery.

Imagination and sensation are the mother tongues of the subconscious mind. It's a language spoken by mind and body in equal measure. Learning to speak this language is for inspired life change an untold treasure.

Sensationalize to Realize

The subconscious mind doesn't deal in words and reason - it's essentially unreasonable. That's why trying to consciously 'convince' yourself that you're worthy, lovable, strong, healthy, positive - whatever the case may be - isn't usually very effective. Attempts to convince are an appeal to reason - not an appeal to the subconscious mind. 

To the subconscious mind you're already all these things. All that's left is for you to experience it. To appeal to the subconscious mind, you want to be experiential rather than reasonable. You want to tap your body and imagination - you want to fully sense the reality that's there. To sensationalize is to create your experience.

The media have long used sensationalism to create, shape and influence your experience of life. Why not take hold of this powerful principal to bring about the life changes you want? Accessing the subconscious mind in such a proactive way will have far reaching benefits.

Practice Makes Permanent

Once you've learned the language of the subconscious mind, it's time to practice and get really good at 'speaking' it. That's when real communication and communion with the subconscious mind begins. It's where the real magic and life change happens.

While it's possible to practice visualization on your own, it isn't easy. Visualization itself is natural - we do it without thinking all day long. Yet, that's exactly it - we do it without thinking. For the most part it happens automatically.

If you're anything like me, you'll find that as you aim to proactively take control of this process you encounter resistance. The minute you turn visualization into a conscious practice, you encounter resistance naturally coming with it. Thought, in the form of intention, enters the picture.

An effective way to circumvent this resistance and forward your proactive practice of visualization and unhindered communication with the subconscious mind is through guided hypnosis downloads. I've found that having a calming, confident, skilled and experienced voice to guide the process absolutely invaluable.

I'd warmly recommend this method to you as one of the most effective ways of accessing the subconscious mind for inspired life change as outlined in this article.

Overcoming the 'Guard at the Gate'

The key to access the subconscious mind is skill, not struggle. Resistance is brought on by willpower, not overcome by it. You want to become skilled at bypassing conscious resistance, to give full reign to your capacities for change from within.

There's a guardian at the gate to the subconscious mind that will put up a fight if given half the chance. Instead of trying to force your way past this guard you do better to approach from an angle. The guard can be distracted while you sneak in through the back gate.

That's another secret to successfully reprogramming the subconscious mind.

The mind and body are one. If, for example, you notice your body tensing up ... it's a sure sign you've attracted the attention of the 'guard at the gate'. When the body's tense, when you're 'guarded', you aren't receptive to new input.

To ignore this tension in your body is to ignore the very key that allows you to effectively access the subconscious mind. Better to recognize this sign for what it is - access to the subconscious mind is being resisted. You aren't open to new input.

This kind of awareness is very good news. Using the practice of self hypnosis to relax more and more, you become primed for the inspired life changes you're after. Relaxation, too, is a skill to deepen as you go.

As your body relaxes, your subconscious mind starts opening up. You're now open for input - you're primed for change. This is often the missing link with an unskilled approach to self-change and transformation.

Using deep self hypnosis downloads is an effective way to 'sneak past the guard' - accessing the subconscious mind by slipping through the back gate. Now your positive intentions for change won't be resisted. 

Accessing the Subconscious Mind - A Truly Life Changing Skill

The key to successful positive life change is speaking to the subconscious mind in the only language it understands. Through guided imagery you sensationalize experiences to bring desired changes to life from within. By relaxing the body you bypass 'the guard' - which otherwise stands in the way of the life changes you want. Accessing the subconscious mind in this way is a life changing skill in the truest sense of the word. Use it wisely. Use it well.

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