Innate Qualities of the Habit Mind


Understanding the innate characteristics of the 'habit mind' helps to more effectively change habits that flow as an undercurrent to the river of our lives. Breaking habits and building new ones in place, comes easier when we have a working knowledge of ourselves and the subconscious mind within. As Lao Tzu famously remarked, "Know thyself and know thy enemy and you will never lose a battle."

Main Characteristics of the Habit Mind

Below are some of the core characteristics of the habitual mind: 

  • It lives in the subconscious, below the threshold of your conscious awareness.

  • When conscious input successfully enters the realm of the habitual mind, you immediately lose consciousness of it. It has now become an integrated part of 'who you are.'

  • The habitual mind doesn't need conscious input from you to keep going. It's self-perpetuating - operating automatically and effortlessly. Once an action or thought pattern has been established as a habit - it shows up quite naturally. Going about your daily life, habit takes care of itself.

  • The habitual mind learns quickly and without complaint. It absorbs and executes exactly as it's taught. It has no resistance. Resistance comes from conscious interference.

  • The habitual mind is imprinted through body repetition and/or emotional intensity. It's nearly impervious to conscious input that's sporadic and/or shallow in emotional content. Repeat actions or emotionally charged thoughts often enough and they'll become habitual. If exposed to an event of sufficient emotional magnitude, even one repetition or exposure may be enough for a deep imprint to occur.

  • The habitual mind is amenable to influence through the twin mind powers of imagination and relaxed concentration. Imagine something vividly - while in a deeply relaxed yet concentrated state of mind - and your habit mind will absorb it. This how to self hypnosis guide walks you through the steps to take.

  • The habit mind never tires and never wears out. You can build habit upon habit and there'll still be room for more. You can program it, and reprogram it, as many times as you wish. There are no 'moving parts' - so there's no wear and tear.

  • The habitual mind never tries. It operates within absolute certainty, confidence and calm. Trying is always an indication that your conscious mind, rather than your subconscious mind, is at play.

  • The habitual mind is a great servant; yet a poor master. It doesn't have the capacity to decide, only to execute. Combined with a well trained will, your habitual mind makes you a power to be reckoned with. 

  • The habitual mind doesn't judge. It's completely impartial in the way it operates. Use it for better or worse, to create or destroy, to build or to ruin ... and it will be loyal to your bidding. Whatever your purpose - the habitual mind will execute as it has been trained.

There you have it - some of the main core characteristics of the habit-mind. On the road to sustainable positive life changes the habitual mind is most definitely an ally you'll want to enlist on your side.

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