How Do You Motivate Yourself With Positive Self-Talk?


How do you motivate yourself with positive self-talk when your subconscious mind is still working against you? It was Einstein who said that, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." If your imagination is working in the negative, all of the self-talk in the world won't leave a lasting positive impression. Intention and subconscious mind power is best aligned for self-motivation to take place.

The Story of the Two Wolves

An old chief sat by the fire with his two young grandsons and told them the following tale ...

"There is a good wolf and a bad wolf living inside each of us. The good wolf is love, compassion, courage, generosity, fortitude, discipline, laughter, good works and every other worthy virtue that a human being is capable of. The bad wolf is anger, hatred, fear, laziness, jealousy, envy, greed, sloth and every other unworthy vice that a human being is capable of.

In each and every one of us, these two wolves are engaged in a fierce battle."

At this point the chief paused, retreating into a long silence.

"Which wolf wins?!", the grandsons now at the edge of their seats were dying to know.

"You want to know which wolf wins? Well, it's the one you feed of course", said the chief as a matter of fact.

So how do you motivate yourself with positive self-talk? Obviously you need to feed the good wolf right? But how? Who are these two beasts inside you and what do they feed on? Are positive and negative self-talk the best way to reach these living forces inside?

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Thought or Emotion - Which Comes First?

Let's assume you aren't feeling very self-motivated at the moment. Perhaps you're even unmotivated or demotivated to an extreme. What is this experience like for you? Would you say it's a thought you're having or is it more accurately described as a feeling?

If someone asked you to describe it you'd probably say that you're feeling unmotivated. You're not wondering whether you lack motivation or not -  you know you are, because you can feel it.

But where does this feeling come from? Is it negative thinking on your part that generated this feeling? Or is your negative thinking a by-product of how you're currently feeling? Which came first - negative thinking or negative feelings?

The way you answer this question determines how you'll go about addressing the problem.

It's tempting to lay the blame squarely in the lap of negative thinking, because it affords a sense of control. If negative thinking is the culprit, all that needs to be done is to replace negative with positive thoughts and you're good to go!

But what if feeling is the actual culprit, not thought? What if it's feeling that spawning your negative thinking and not the other way around? What then? You may have some influence over your thoughts, but over your feelings? How do you control what you feel? How do you motivate yourself if not through positive self-talk?

What Actually Motivates You?

What motivates you? What motivates me? On the surface, you and I may not be motivated by the exact same things. Yet, going deeper - into the actual abode of motivation itself - we find a common denominator.

What drives or motivates us? What motivates people to change? It's simply the power of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the source - the living abode of motivation itself. It's where emotions reside. As such, it's also the lair of the good and bad wolf living inside.

If you want to change your motivation - if you want to become self-motivated when feeling unmotivated - you need to connect with your feelings. You need to communicate directly with your subconscious mind to change your underlying emotions. Then your thoughts will change too. 

So is positive self-talk putting the cart ahead of the horse? How do you motivate yourself by directly connecting with the subconscious mind - the lair of motivation and the good and bad wolf inside?

How Do You Motivate Yourself When the Bad Wolf Is Running Strong?

Negativity is more a matter of feeling than a matter of thought. You can think positive thoughts all day long, but if the underlying subconscious mind is still holding negative feelings, guess what? You're in for a struggle because the bad wolf is still running the show.

How do you change negative feelings if not through positive thinking? If you really look at this question it appears a bit odd. If you were aiming to counteract negative thinking with positive thinking, then good. But in actuality you're aiming to counteract feelings with thoughts - which is an entirely different ball game.

Your motivation is ruled by feeling, not thought. To change feelings, you need to connect with feelings - the realm of imagination and the subconscious mind within. So how do you motivate yourself through the subconscious mind?

First, spend less time on superficial mental pep talks. And spend more time communicating (and communing) directly with your subconscious mind. Imagination, alert relaxation and flow are key to the changes you're after.

Imagination Motivates; Thinking Doesn't

How do you motivate yourself with positive self-talk? The considered answer may very well be that you don't. Or at least not effectively.

At the end of the day, it isn't thinking that'll have the last say about your self-motivating aspirations.

With imagination, relaxed alertness and flow - that's when motivation can be taken in hand. These are your means to feed the good wolf inside and conscientiously grow it strong. Cultivate and use these skills and you won't go wrong.

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