Inspirational Motivation Comes from
Aligning the Conscious-Subconscious Mind


Tapping into inspirational motivation involves a close collaboration between the conscious and subconscious mind. Firing up our motivation to exercise or beating procrastination, for example, isn't simply a matter of knowing or telling ourselves that it needs to be done is it? Our conscious mind doesn't pull all the strings to self-motivation. To connect with motivational inspiration the power of the subconscious mind must be called upon and brought on board.

The Struggle Within

Inspired life change begins with conscious intent. You call on the will to reshape what you're currently doing and move towards the life changes you want to make. You feel initially excited, which naturally fires up your subconscious mind and fuels your motivation.

Yet, at some point along the way this initial enthusiasm fades and the feeling of natural motivation wanes. You start to worry and wonder what's happening. You know the life changes you're after are both meaningful and important, yet somehow you no longer feel inspired to do what it takes. 

The struggle begins.

What is going on here? Why can't we get ourselves to do that which we have set our minds to? Where has our inspirational motivation gone?

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When Captain & Crew Are Divided

The painful yet commonplace internal struggle outlined above comes from a dissonance between the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind wants one thing, and evidently, the subconscious mind wants another. The captain of your ship (conscious mind) is set on heading north; yet the engine crew working in the belly of the ship are proving somewhat reluctant (subconscious mind).

The power of the subconscious mind has yet to be fully mobilized to the task at hand. It may be a subconscious fear, or an unrecognized subconscious belief, that holds you back. As powerful at your power of intent may be, it's no match for the deeper self-motivations percolating just beneath the surface of the conscious mind.

Yet, this undercurrent of unseen but felt power is within you. It's yours - just waiting to be tapped. There's no reason why the captain and crew should remain divided.

Bringing Your Subconscious Mind on Board

The language of the conscious mind is that of thoughts and words. These are the first stepping stones to karmic life change. Conscious intent can be found in what we say, both to ourselves or others.

The language of the subconscious mind is different. Its language isn't that of thoughts and words, but rather, that of feeling and experience. The subconscious mind is intimately connected with the body - the field where all feelings and experiences take place.

Try to consciously tell yourself to cry. The tears won't come - not until you can actually feel sad (or happy) in your body. The subconscious mind has been tapped.

This is why imagination is so important. Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind - not words. Imagination opens up direct communication lines between the captain and crew. Imagination and feeling are pretty much one.

Images held by the mind speak loud and clear to subconscious motivations. The whole undercurrent of your emotions can be influenced and changed through conscious use of your imagination. These instant self hypnosis downloads are powerful mind tools with which to gain such deliberate control.

It's easy to let our imagination get the best of us. Despite some pretty weird ideas of what hypnosis might be, you can actually use it as an extremely skillful means to get the best of your imagination instead!

Stress, Friction and Tension Be Gone

When conscious intent is pulling you one way and the power-house of your subconscious mind is pulling you another way - friction and stress naturally result. The reason we usually subject ourselves to such struggle in pursuit of inspired life change is that we don't often know any better.

Isn't struggle, stress and friction an integral part of any significant life changes you may want to make? Aren't these the exact forces you're meant to overcome to bring about the inspired changes you want? Well ... the short answer is yes.

But how you go about prevailing over these forces is the key to either more struggle or increasing ease. You can approach inspired life change with skill or you can resort to sheer will. 

The conscious and subconscious mind are meant to work together, in unison. They're destined for each other. The more aligned your conscious and subconscious mind becomes, the more self-motivated you'll feel.

Inspirational Motivation - The Backbone to Inspired Life Change

Inspirational motivation comes from within. It emanates from the center of your being. It rises as a backbone, or column, within the spiral of life. This motivational inspiration is a great ally to inspired life change as you feel lifted in your pursuit. Having to constantly flog yourself with the whip of willpower is a drag and not very inspiring in the long run. 

Being self-motivated and inspired in this way gives you an edge. Inspirational motivation doesn't drain you. Rather, you feel energized instead. Inspired motivation is uplifting - allowing for greater appreciation not only of the goals you're after, but of the road taken to achieving them.

Being whole - undivided - is immensely rewarding and valuable in and of itself. With conscious-subconscious mind united, we achieve a primordial wholeness that is so utterly simple, yet exquisitely profound too. Such unity is a hallmark of an inspired journey and the never ending unfolding and fruition of life.

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