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Presented below are a number of effective self-improvement techniques to create change in your life - at a conscious and subconscious level. If we only focus on conscious change, there may be subconscious habits, motivations or inclinations that hinder our path. Having tools and techniques at our disposal that deal with both the conscious and subconscious levels ensures that we have everything we need to help us on our way.

Ask the Right Questions With 'ThinkPal'

One of my own favorite personal growth techniques is asking powerful questions. Whether posed to ourselves or to others, the right question posed at the right time unlocks doors and releases wisdom in ways that few other things can.

There is an excellent little self-coaching tool that you can use to harness the power of questions in your life even, or especially, when you are on the go. It is the co-active 'ThinkPal' - a free life coaching application you can download to your iPhone or Android phone.

This 'coach-in-your-pocket' phone application includes a series of powerful questions that is bound to get you thinking in new directions when used in various circumstances you find yourself in. Also included is a 'notes to self' function where you can either record or type any thoughts and insights the questions bring up for you. It has some other very useful features as-well.

Learn more about this life coaching tool.

Ten Step Home Programs for Self-Hypnosis and Life Change 

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Ask Powerful Questions With
This Thought Provoking Collection

Another place to find thought provoking questions to ask yourself or others is Evolutionary Pathways growing collection of thought provoking questions related to a variety of personal growth and self improvement topics. This collection is a work in progress with new thought provoking gems added all the time, so do come back and visit often if you don't currently find what you're looking for.

The questions we ask, guide the answers we get. Useful answers come from asking the right questions. As you browse through the questions you'll find some resonate and others don't. Then there will be those questions that stop you dead in your tracks and send your thinking off in a new direction that ends up changing your life.

Don't underestimate the power of this simple self improvement technique. Asking yourself the right question, at the right time, can turn your life around in the instant it takes for the flash of insight to strike.

Meditate for a Change

We all need periods throughout the day, and throughout our lives, where we are free not to think. We all need periods of time when we are free of worry, concerns, hopes, fears, goals and dreams. We all need time free of assessment and judgment.

Spending quality time in which we are free of our mind should be considered a birth-right. If we may have forgotten how that might even feel or look like, then we have our work cut out for us. We need to reclaim what is naturally and rightfully ours.

This is the natural power called meditation or meditation power, which represents, quite possibly, the purest form of stepping out-of-the-mind.

As far as personal development techniques are concerned, meditation is unique in that it is, essentially, without purpose or goal. At its core it isn't even about the goal of self-change. Meditation is really about letting go of it all - even letting go of the very aim that says to let go of it all!

Paradoxically, by letting go of it all, a magical transformation comes over us. Profound changes in physiology and 'mind-set' take place. However, these changes aren't premeditated or consciously guided, as they are in visualization and self-hypnosis.

The aim of meditation, if an aim were to be assigned, would be perspective. Meditation puts everything - even life itself - into perspective. With perspective come all of the other benefits of meditation - which are many.

Meditation is a gift from ourselves to ourselves and is one of the most powerful and absolute self improvement techniques for stepping out-of-the-mind. To get started with this personal development technique right away visit how to meditate for beginners for some useful tips to get you going.

It is perhaps good to note here that there are many different types of meditation. Different meditation methods and philosophies will consider meditation differently. Meditation as I refer to it here is more specifically in line with the Zen meditation or mindfulness meditation traditions.

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