Weight Loss Motivational Quotes and Affirmations


Weight loss motivational quotes and affirmations can help keep you positive and motivated on the way to achieving your weight loss goals. These motivational thoughts are only as powerful as their ability to touch, penetrate and inspire your subconscious mind - where your motivation resides. Choose the ones that speak uniquely to you and you'll be aided on your road to fitness success as you define it.

Weight Loss Motivational Quotes and Affirmations for Change

Please enjoy and use these positive affirmations for weight loss and fitness success. Select one or two that resonate strongest with your subconscious mind. These will be the weightloss affirmations that excite your imagination the most and give you a natural surge of instant motivation. Those are the positive words of affirmation you'll want to play with. 

"My body is an efficient fat burning machine." 

"The fat between my skin and my muscles is breaking down and being flushed from my body." 

"I love the way my skin wraps tighter and tighter around my body." 

"I love the way my body makes me feel about myself." 

"I love the way people are noticing the differences in me." 

"I love what my body is broadcasting without a word from me." 

"I feel lite and tight." 

"Every movement of my limbs helps burn fat away." 

"I feed my body to get what I want." 

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." 

"If it doesn't find its way into the house, it doesn't find its way into the stomach." 

"Self respect can be had through the stomach." 

"I feel great in my own skin." 

"It's not about weight loss; it's about body my fat-to-muscle ratio." 

"My body serves me well when I serve it well. It is a highly intelligent machine." 

"I am so thankful I am developing the courage of discipline." 

"Six pack abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym." (Source: Tom Venuto, author of "Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle" ). 

"Self discipline may not feel good. But it makes me feel so good about myself." 

"I love that self respect and satisfaction are in my own hands." 

"I am the gatekeeper to what enters my body, my mind and my life." 

"Every action takes me somewhere. I make every action count." 

"Every day I am getting lighter and tighter." 

"I love being able to see my own abs!" 

"Trim, slim and ready for the gym."

Hope you enjoyed these inspirational fitness quotes and have found a few that speak profoundly to the powers of your subconscious mind. Accessing the subconscious mind is key to fitness motivation and the life changes you want. When fitness motivational quotes help you tap your internal reservoirs of power, you'll feel like nothing can stop you from achieving your aims.

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