Overcome the Fear of Failure to Succeed


Overcome the fear of failure to succeed. Makes sense doesn't it? It's ironic but true, that by failing to fail we ultimately fail to succeed. By fearing the very stepping stones to success - we end up thwarting it. To avoid continually shooting ourselves in the foot in this way, a new perspective is needed. Let's take a closer look at this fear of failure that may be holding you back.

Baby Self Overcoming Failure - To Stand!

One of the most important things our baby self ever did for us is fail. Without our willingness to fail as a baby, we'd have never gotten this far. Many successes we now enjoy are owed to our baby self - tucked away deep within. Time to pay our respects...

As a baby, you learned how to walk by standing up, losing your balance and crashing to the floor. You didn't do this once or twice, but many times over. Every time you fell, you got right back up again. And every time you got back up again - you fell back down to the floor.

Talk about depressing! But not to your baby self it wasn't...

Your baby self knows how to fail time and again. Yet, does it ever give up? After seemingly endless trial and error, your baby self is finally able to stand. Victory! Thanks to the courage of your baby self, you can now stand on your own two feet.

Yet, thank goodness baby-self didn't stop there...

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Baby Self Overcoming Failure - To Walk!

Standing on its own two feet, your baby self of way-back-when quickly realized that if it wanted to actually get anywhere - a step would be needed. But how? Baby-self may have had an idea of where it wanted to go, but it had absolutely no idea how to get there. It's never done this 'walking' thing before!

Does baby-self need to overcome the fear of failure in order to learn what it needs? No, it doesn't. It may fear falling, but the fear of failure? It never occurs to baby-self that failure is a bad thing - something to avoid. And away you go...

Baby-self gathers itself and flings itself into the unknown. Helloooo floor! Long time no see! Well, it wasn't actually all that long ago ... and it won't be long 'til the next time either. Again and again, baby-self abandons its wits throwing itself forward; and time and again it meets with what's quickly becoming a close friend, the floor! 

Until one day...

Baby-self lunges into the unknown for the umpteenth time - and low and behold - it remains s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g! Somehow your baby leg moved just in the right way, and just at the right time, to support your weight and allow you to maintain a vertical balance.

What a wonder! You've taken your first step.

It may have been a baby step, yes...

BUT you might as well have leapt the width of the Great Grand Canyon for the magnitude of achievement it was! Thanks to the courage and fearlessness of your baby soul - still living within you - you're now able to walk around as you please. 

Baby Self Was Never Afraid to Fail - What Ever Happened to Us?!

And the story of your baby-self overcoming failure after failure to bring you success after success - continues to unfold. Yet, at some point along the way something happened, didn't it? The self seated in front of this computer, the self reading these words, feels a little different about failing than your brave baby self of yesteryears doesn't it?

Why is it that you're now standing back and revering the amazing courage of baby self as if it's no longer available to you? What made you rethink failure as the fast track to success - something baby-self understood instinctively? How has the fear of failure crept in - often bringing the fear of success right on its tail? And perhaps most importantly...

How do you overcome the fear of failure to step back on the road to your own unique brand of success?

From Attraction to Avoidance

It's amazing the amount of courage baby self has isn't it? Your baby-self learned how to walk by literally 'throwing' itself forward. Before ever succeeding at a physical step forward, it had to be willing to 'step' into the great unknown. 

You taught yourself to walk by courting failure, not by avoiding it. Your baby self had (and still has) an instinctive appreciation for the value of failure. One could even say that you - as your baby self - are intrinsically attracted to the magnetic learning power of failure. As a baby you somehow knew failure as the fast track to success that it is.

So how or when did the fear of failure enter the scene? At what point did overcoming the fear of failure become such a formidable task? One culprit may very well be your schooling.

Schooled Away From Failure

Most schooling systems teach you to avoid an "F" and to covet the "A"s. The underlying message - although unspoken - is that failing is bad. Being schooled away from failure - is it any wonder you come to fear it. Failure is no longer welcome. It's now something to avoid.

Whatever happened to failure as the road to success?!

When you get an "F" you hear about it! Your parents, your teachers, perhaps even some of your friends - all jump on the bandwagon. It's only a matter of time before you start hearing about from yourself - as internal dialogue - too!

Being reproached by yourself for failing marks - a sure sign that the failure bashing crowds have been internalized. 

How does this self-reproach sound like? What's the inner-talk that embodies it? It may start off quite innocently as ...

"I got an F. What a bummer!"

Then it might evolve into something like this ...

"I got an F. I've disappointed my teachers and my parents. I let them down. I let myself down."

"I got an F. How shameful." At this point, failure, has been associated with shame.

And the grande finale, bringing you and I to the relationship with failure we most likely have today ...

 "I got an F. I am a failure."

The link has now been made between failing AT something and BEING a failure - a link that should never have been made.

Failing vs. Being a Failure

This new perspective of being a failure vs. simply failing puts a real damper on your courageous baby spirit - still struggling towards life within. Instead of keeping failure where it belongs - always in the realm of action; failure has now become a matter of identity.

Now isn't that a shame.

That's how overcoming the fear of failure has become such a challenge! When your very identity is at risk, it's scary. Undoubtedly, baby self would disapprove of this unfortunate turn of events. Don't you remember how grande failing actually is! Sheesh.

To overcome the fear of failure is to resurrect this dauntless fearlessness - your very own. It's to recall your natural instincts bringing them back to the fore. This self hypnosis download for overcoming the fear of failure is powerful way to do exactly that.

Working with the source, returning to the powers of your subconscious mind is key. That's where baby self lives.

Overcome the Fear of Failure to Succeed

You don't really need to learn how to overcome the fear of failure to succeed - you were born unafraid of failure. And you can return to this fearlessness, still inside. Baby self is there, just seek it out. Unlearn what you've learned and your fearlessness will be once again, uncovered.

Sometimes you need to fail in order to finally release yourself towards the success and inspired life change you seek. If you're afraid of falling to the ground, sometimes that's the very thing that frees you. You fall to the ground and look around, "Hey, this isn't as bad as I thought! I'm still alive and kicking and now my fear of falling is gone too. It's actually comfortable down here on the ground. It no longer holds any terror. Finally, I'm free!"

Being a failure isn't a badge or designation that anyone can pin on you. Only you can give yourself that pin, but why would you? Baby self wouldn't let you. You may as well tell it to take back your ability to stand and walk! Never.

That spirit is still in you - it is you. Re-call it to overcome the fear of failure and fearlessly step towards the inspired life changes you want.

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